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Hanging lamp Pressed Glass Lens - Tom Dixon always hits the mark!

All glass items, establishment of which belongs to the British designer Thomas Dixon, bear the following disadvantages of the industrial industry.

And lighting glass Glass Lens notIt differs from this. Such equipment is extremely practical at the same time solid and heavy enough room lighting system. this light is different roughness of their shape, thereby demonstrating all the atomicity and disadvantages of the production process.

lighting system to seethe designer created from pressed glass, which gives the instrument lighting extraordinary originality. These lights look very impressive, creating the atmosphere of a country house.

We must not forget that to place a glass lampshade in a modern apartment-type should be very careful in order to avoid heterogeneity in the created interior.

Pressed lamp will look great overtable, forming a uniform illumination of the surface. The form of the luminaire is perfectly combined with any pieces of furniture that are made in the laconic modern style. The glass lamp is able to create an incredible effect of brilliant light, while participating in the immersion of the room in a mysterious twilight.

Talented [URL = »http: // / »] designer - taught Tom Dixon [/ URL] was born in 1959 in Tunisia. In 1963, Tom with his family on his way to England, where he was able to achieve fame. In England, he entered art school, which throws after a three-month enforced absence of - an accident. After the incident, he begins to get involved in music.

So as part of the same group he stands in the nightclubs. But here intervenes accident on a motorcycle, after which it is no longer doing it. All his spare time, which he had in abundance, he devotes experiments with scrap metal. With the welding machine it begins to create incredible sculptures.

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