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Glass pendant svetilnki - design Lovergrouva Ross

Designer lamp made of glass

Chlorophilia lamp - a uniquethe development of the well-known British designer Ross Lovergrouva. Thanks to the large manufacturing company Artemide was able to once again demonstrate their amazing skills.

It is necessary to turn on the lamp, as it is an incredibly spectacular and at the same time almost intangible structure creates whimsical interweaving of contrasting shades, providing a subtle interaction with space.

Hanging lamp made of glass

In Chlorophilia uses an innovative LED-lamp with COB technology for high reliability, and most importantly, a small device.

Meanwhile fitomorfnye elements lamp, made of molded polymethylmethacrylate, act as optical lenses due to its gentle undulations and staggered.

Transparent leaves radiate from the middle and partially overlap each other, multiplying the shadows on the walls and ceiling.

Lamp glass with LED-lamps
Designer lamp without a lampshade
The shadow on the ceiling of the design lamp made of glass
Glass base lamp design

This year was presented Chlorophilia WeekDesign in Milan and is already available for sale through the official website Artemide. The number of elements, the leaves can be varied according to personal taste preferences.

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