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Glass fixtures with live plants inside from Nui studio

Unusual glass lamps

Glass lamps with plant inside

How did the idea of ​​creating a creative lamp

People move to big cities, and many do notI can afford to house plants, because their apartment gets not enough daylight. Kiel and the German studio Nui created a series of glass pots, lamps that allow city dwellers to grow indoor plants that do not require sunlight from the window.

Floor glass lamp with a plant inside

The lamp in the interior

Features light inside the lamp

Each glass container has its own soia built-in light source, so the pots with a potted plant can be used in the interior as a lamp. The designers themselves talk about their work as follows:

"We decided to create a glass luminairesplant inside, which could live in places where there is no light, for hotels and restaurants. It does not require any maintenance by the person: no ventilation, no watering. In a glass vessel and integrated LED lamps and solar lamps.

Under such conditions, the plants may extend the process of photosynthesis. So inside the vessel creates a self-contained ecosystem in which plants can exist in a few years. "

Designer glass lamps from Nui - Picture 1

A page with sketches and design sketches

Designer glass lamps from Nui - Picture 2

The process of creating glass lamp

Designer glass lamps from Nui - Picture 3
Designer glass lamps from Nui - Picture 4

design Features

The lamp has a special coating that enhances the main light. This avoids the extra wires inside the lamp. This is a great idea.

"Our idea has helped us to invent a new type ofglass coating that is capable of flowing electricity to the surface of the lamp. Therefore, the cable connecting the power supply and the LED becomes unnecessary. This technical innovation opens up new possibilities in the design of green spaces. "

Designer glass lamps from Nui - Picture 5

Glass Floor Lamp

it was possible to combine with the designhouseplant and a lamp in one beautiful aesthetic thing. It is perfect for those who work a lot and to care for the flowers they have not enough time. In addition, the plant in a glass container can be used as the light source.

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