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FLOS Modern designer lamps from M. Anastassiades

Modern designer lamps in the living room

Hello, dear visitors of our sitedesign! We often offer you a bright home furnishings for home and office. On the site Design Museum you will find lots of interesting information about unusual inventions of mankind. All visitors of this topic see the offer original interior. Modern design lights bring into our homes not only high-quality lighting, but also added to the interior of the diversity and specific, unique charm.

Today we will talk about a rather unusualdesign modern ceiling lighting fixtures for home, which created a furor among the designers involved in the development of new types of lighting.

Beautiful light as table lamp

Designer Michael Anastassiades hails from the islandCyprus, born in 1967, currently lives and works in the capital of the United Kingdom of Great Britain London. It was he who in his Metropolitan studio has developed original design downlights titled String Lights (string lights) for the Italian company FLOS.

Designer himself modestly describes his creation: "Black electric wire interacts with the architectural design of the space, a fully merge with the lines formed by the mutual arrangement of walls and partitions the premises."

Before presenting the invention to the worldwideReview, Michael used the original lamps in his home and workshop-studio, and then in the gallery in London, noting their quality and beautiful addition to the lighting.

First saw the original lighting design professionals and designers from around the world expressed their rave reviews of the novelty and unusual project.

Now the "string lights" lights willFLOS company presented in its headquarters in New York and it will be a long-awaited North American debut - IC lights will enchant you with its elegance and sense of perfection.

Aesthetic simplicity

Modest and minimalist design "Lights String"completely change the dynamics of your interior. You can not even imagine this ever present, as spotlights transform the decoration of the house. Winners EDIDA prestigious award (Elle Decoration International Design Awards) in 2014, the original lamps are quite simple to use. The length of the cord can be easily adjusted, and the entire interior of your room instantly change.

Ceiling lamps are available and a spherical triangular shape at a retail price of US $ 695.

Hanging lamp in the office
Beautiful hanging lamp in the office
Hanging lamp in the interior
Pendant lights over stairs
Amazing pendant lights over the stairs

Removal of juggling law

The original floor lamps, table lamps andLuminaires from the series Greek designer named Iconic Arco (Arco Portrait) similar to the juggler's hand with a spherical bubble. It's quite an unusual form of a home fixture, but at the same time, they fit perfectly into any modern decor.

This will help create the interior mystical and creative environment that will amaze and attract a keen eye for its unique and spectacular appearance.

Their pretty seductive look instantlyturns your apartment in a trendy and modern house, metal parts made of precious natural elements: copper and bronze. Part Iconic Arco collection creates an optical illusion of spheres in a decorative installation.

Lamps in this class are similar to the icons thatstand the test of time and then become collectibles. Perhaps our readers, seeing these pictures, draw conclusions and want to buy yourself one of these original lighting. The change in the interior of at least some of the subject - will give a fresh and new notes will bring into your life!

Ceiling light as table lamp
Beautiful table lamp
Ceiling lamp with unusual shapes
Beautiful lighting in the interior
Suspended ceiling light
Ceiling lamp with unusual shapes
Suspended beautiful lamp

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