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Floor lamp made of wood - a photo of the designer Luca Korvatta, Milan

Wooden lamp

Milan designer Luca Korvatta drafted a riveted the attention of a huge number of specialized publications and Internet resources.

Unique lamp demonstrates the extreme Leftsimplicity of structure and shape, it provides versatility. Korvatta set a goal to bring life to a completely primitive object through empowerment uncharacteristic function, in this case - the lighting function.

Wood Lamp

The project was first presented to the public withinMilan Design Week 2014. This LED-lamp, which works well as lying on a horizontal surface, and being leaning against the wall, which means its elongated shape. Depending on the method of placement type and Left-contacting surface, the light produced by them can be more or less intense.

LED lamp

Lamp lit dimmer, and its inclusion andoff by pressing the touch sensitive window, located on the front surface. There are several options for finishing wooden lamp bases. As for the color string, it can be virtually anything. Customizable design allows the Left become the perfect complement to a wide variety of style and character of the interior.

LED-lamp with a wooden base
Blue wire lamp
The red wire lamp
Multicolored wires wooden lamp
The wooden base Lamp
Basis lamp light wood

The original lamp from Luke Korvatty produced limited editions, so willing to buy it must hurry.

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