designer lamps

Fashion pendant lamps by Christopher Elliott Design

dining room design by Atelier BOOM TOWN

Lovely light merges with the interior of the Atelier BOOM TOWN

When it comes to choosing the rightpendant lamp for home, options and possibilities are really endless. In recent years, appeared on the market a wide variety of unique models and having magnetism and a special charm!

Despite such an incredible range of products, there are several types of bulbs that have the status of "fashion icon", due to its immense popularity and timeless design.

Many homeowners try to pick up for her unusual home such great creative works as accessories by Tom Dixon and Moooi Random.

Today we look at the other three models, which also received the recognition of the public!

Stunning lighting by Christopher Elliott Design

A unique masterpiece from Christopher Elliott Design

Adding a touch of elegance interior, theselighting devices promise to transform the atmosphere of any room. Moooi Elements collectible series trying to bring an exceptional feeling in the atmosphere, adding to the existing style and design themes.

Dreamy Arabian Nights

Original objects series Non Random Lightsquickly becoming a favorite among homeowners and designers all over the world. Departing from the image of the "ideal sphere", the refined suspension designed Bertjan Pot, attracting attention with its unique shape and intricate structure. Made from fiberglass impregnated in epoxy resin, interior formed in the atmosphere of an intimate atmosphere.

Lamps Moooi Non Random Lights in the dining room from D'Cruz Design Group

Products Moooi Non Random Lights in the dining room from D'Cruz Design Group

Lamps with white shades

The white shades blend perfectly with the serene decoration by Christopher Elliott Design

Pendant lights in the bedroom

Intelligent lights as bedside illumination by OJ Kitchens

Since the illumination is most often used tokitchens and dining rooms, extraordinary chandeliers are a great choice for those who want to create in these areas, a relaxed atmosphere and light. With irrefutable Mediterranean appeal, these dreamy suspension permeate refined atmosphere and great harmony with other textured surfaces. These delightful accessories are also great choice for those who love a hint of drama in the premises of a dream home!

The magnificent pendant lamp in the living room

Great reading area of ​​Pavillion Road

Hanging lamp with black shade in the kitchen

Shades add texture and sculptural style of the kitchen of the Art of Kitchens

Beautiful hanging lamp with beige shade in the kitchen

Sophisticated design in chocolate tones. Photo by Cynthia Lynn Photography

Wonderful pendant lamp with white shade in the dining room

Mademoiselle Chairs and white lights in the dining room wonderful blend of Scott Weston Architecture

Wonderful pendant light from Bertjan Pot in the dining room

Pendants bring dazzling elegance in the dining room from OLighting

Excellent symmetry!

Speaking of hanging chandeliers which adddrama in space, it may be noted sensational model Raimond Lamp. They are able to easily bring the absolute charm of the room strewn with the stars of the night!

pendant design is a perfect spherewith tiny LED flashlights that produce an incredible impression. The purity of the forms and original splendor - this is the main characteristics of this exceptional modern art products, and if you are looking for new silhouettes, then pay attention to the oval lampshades!

Beautiful round hanging lamp Raimond Lamp

Beautiful dining room with luxurious decorations of Simpson Group Architects

Wonderful round hanging lamp Raimond Lamp

Hanging lamp becomes a focal point in the eclectic space of Callender Howorth

Bright round hanging lamp Raimond Lamp

Brilliant use of objects in the decoration of the restaurant Opad

Excellent round hanging lamp Raimond Lamp

Pendant is ideal for large rooms with high ceilings, as in the example of KohlMark Architects and Builders

Wonderful round hanging lamp Raimond Lamp

The spectacular design of the bathrooms Lightology

Wonderful round hanging lamp Raimond Lamp in the dining room

Roof window is decorated in an unusual way in the project by Andre Rothblatt Architecture

Hanging lamp with black shade in the kitchen

Magnificent oval design in the apartments of Rochelle Silberman

Efficient and versatile

You can imagine the extraordinary chandelierthat his outward appearance mimics the tree branches? If you want to give the brightness of the interior design and originality, the production Heracleum II by Bertjan Pot will be a wonderful decision!

Beautiful lighting fixture combinesa touch of rustic beauty and modern aesthetics. Made using a metal wire frame and ultra-thin wires, the subject has a graceful and stately silhouette with a variety of configurations. Add to that the energy saving light bulbs, and you get an exceptional creative masterpiece for the decoration of apartments.

Suspension Heracleum II by Bertjan Pot in the bedroom

The bedroom in the Nordic style of Gin Designs

Exquisite hanging lamp Heracleum II by Bertjan Pot in the dining room

Elegant chandelier adds contrast to the hall for a meal. Photo by Maxine Schnitzer Photography

An unusual chandelier in the dining room

Elegant décor in warm golden tones! Project of Perfect Integration

We presented you a selectionmagnificent and incredible fixtures that will complement the interior of any apartment! And you liked these unique solutions for home decor? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below ...

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