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Fancy pendant lamps by Czech artists

Fancy pendant lamps Czech glass

Fancy pendant lamps presented to the public a Czech company Bomma as part of Design Week in Paris.

When, after nearly a century of history of productionglass factory in Svelta closed, the company's founder Bomma took personal responsibility for the construction of new enterprises and the fate of highly skilled craftsmen and engineers who were out of work.

Today, three years after the opening, Bomma - is the name of the united All: and skill of old craftsmen, and innovative technology, and ultra modern design.

Fancy pendant lamps in interior

The exhibition Maison & Object 2015 from the new collection TIM Bomma bombshell.

Fancy pendant lights closeup

The greatest pride of the company - the purest glass in the Czech Republic. That they succeeded it is evident.

Fancy pendant lights on design exhibition in Paris

Simple indeed, but Stunning in its effect, the TIM series was created in cooperation with designers Michal Fronek and Jan Nemecek from the studio Olgoj Chorchoj.

Unusual glass pendant lights

The collection consists of two super large lamps and three glass domes, bell-like.

All glassmakers took skill, to get a bulb weighing nearly 23 kg. Each subject collection is handmade and therefore unique.

Unusual design pendant lights

And in the interior of your home, you can imagine such a work of glass art?

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