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Fancy lighting 3 option for any interior

Fashionable lighting in the bedroom

Often the choice of fashion for the updated interior fixtures plunges into a light stupor. Of course, everyone wants to decorate the house the most modern and fashionable floor lamps, chandeliers and sconces.

Currently, manufacturers of lightingappliances flooded the market with such a variety of models that alone find a suitable option seems an impossible task. You can, of course, seek the advice of a professionally trained salesmen, but they do not know the features of your apartment, so is unlikely to help.

White home furnishings

Today, the conversation in the article will focus on the three versions of lamps of different eras and styles, as correctly chosen lighting plays a key role in the perception of home as a whole.

Dim light is able to transform a cozy room in a dark box, so bright diffused rays stream emphasize advantages of design solutions from the vantage point.

Bright lighting in the garden

Spacious bathroom with access to the street

The snow-white kitchen area

Living room with large windows and views of the sea

The beautiful interior design of the living area

Making the kitchen area in bright colors

Magic outdoors

In the summer we strive as much timeto carry out in the fresh air: in a shady patio, on the terrace or on a wooden veranda around the outdoor pool. For a comfortable rest area must be well-equipped to be able to throw a party or simply to gather a warm evening with your family.

For these purposes and designers Duane SmithStefane Barbeau designed the portable lamp Luau. Thanks to its original form, the mobile light rather quickly became a classic lighting. Luau advantage is that after a full charge cycle, it continuously works for 6-10 hours!

The lamp is very easy to operate due to the completelack of wires. It is safe to take with them in the country, if you are traveling with an overnight stay more fun now: now for the evening gatherings in the clearing do not need to throw fuel to the fire.

Swimming pool in a country house

The courtyard with pool

Summer terrace of the mansion

Out in the yard in a country house

Compact allows a perfect fit in any room, and the stainless steel handle makes it easy to carry light from one place to another.

Energy saving and high-quality lighting - a perfect combination for those who prefer a comfortable holiday.

Balcony with a white sofa and lamp

Bedroom with a big white bed

Beautiful pool lighting

Highlighting the evening pool

Wooden table and chairs in the yard of a country house

Modern American style

Hicks Pendant - in the form of a constructluminous sphere, designed by the American interior designer Thomas O'brien, who is the founder and president of the famous New York firm Aero Studios.

Hicks Pendant is simple in form, and therefore is considered to be one of the most popular contemporary pendant fixtures for the kitchen.

Spherical silhouette fits to any interior, and given the fact that the model is available in small, medium and large size, the operating capabilities increased significantly.

The original design with a shiny metallicshade adds a textural contrast to any room. The lamp is in harmony with all the styles and can be used in all rooms of the house, from the bathroom and ending with a wine cellar or billiard room.

American designers offer Hicks Pendant as smart chandeliers for lighting small cafes and bars, where creative young people love to gather.

Beautiful lamp in the interior Hicks Pendant

Lamp Hicks Pendant in the interior of the wine bar

Stylish hanging lamp in the hallway

Interior bathroom

Room with a pool table

Modern home gym

The sensuality of Italian design

Here is an outstanding example of classical antiquity - a table lamp Nesso, created in 1967 by Italian designer Giancarlo Mattioli for the company Artemide.

If Luau embodies modern and elegant design, and Hicks Pendant - «domesticated» industrial style, the Nesso - it is truly a classic minimalism.

Table Lamp in the form of a mushroom in the interior

Contemporary table lamp in the form of a mushroom in the interior

Nesso is designed in the best traditions of modernity,but surprisingly easy to harmonize with modern accessories. Desktop version looks great in the living room and in the bedroom, and in the cabinet, made in retro style.

Nesso Table Lamp in the interior

Beautiful table lamp Nesso in the interior

Modern table lamp Nesso in the interior

Amazing table lamp Nesso in the interior

Beautiful table lamp Nesso in the interior

The original form was copied from the sensuousnavel Italian beauty - yes, you heard right! Plafonds executed in two color variations - white and orange. Depending on what you twist the bulb (the scattered light, energy-saving or conventional incandescent lamps), and change the lighting itself.

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