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Excellent design project fashionable bars in China

A.N.D. group project

Extraordinary beauty project created by a group A.N.D. Luxury bar - is the embodiment of modern glamor and glitz, this excellent result has been achieved thanks to the unique lighting system and stage of reflective surfaces.

Designers have used a maximum of imagination, technology, bold decisions and visual illusions, which would form a great room with a luxurious interior decoration design.

Visual illusions in the design of buildings

Fei Ultra is located on the first level W Hotel in Guangzhou, China. He is the winner of the prestigious Restaurant & Bar Design Awards in 2014.

A large open space is glassedfacade of the three parties, in this case, instead of the traditional solutions to achieve confidentiality using light ribbons which a waterfall cascades play highlights.

They have properties to change the backlight intensity, and even its color. Thus, the bar can easily change not only the overall appearance, but also the atmosphere, depending on the needs.

Fei Ultra Bar in Guangzhou
The backlight bar changes the intensity and hue
Exclusive designer furniture

The room is visually divided into three parts: a common room, a bar with original bar and a lounge on the second floor. For the arrangement of the zones used exclusive designer furniture, unique accessories, gorgeous chandeliers.

Bar with the original rack
The lounge area on the second floor
Hotel room interior design in China

The entire inner shell trimmed to only thosematerial that reflects light: this polished marble, mirrors, glass, metal plates. In the interior there are creative and design and Incredible play of shapes, textures, lights and shadows.

Together, these elements merge into a fantastic image, where the atmosphere is slightly bizarre.

Sophisticated design, the monotony of the palette, the abundancelight and color, in spite of all the intricacy, look pretty with light perception, which itself attracts customers by encouraging use of the bar again and again.

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