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Unusual Shade: enliven the space with the help of the lamp

Unusual lamp shade in the interior

How to change the space of the room, if you will gain an unusual lamp shade? You do not wonder?

Let's talk today about how to revitalizespace. Each of us caught myself thinking that the usual interior terribly tired ... To radically change the situation will require considerable financial investment. But there is another way: the original lamp, which will be a bright spot of color in any room.

Here are some inspiring examples.

Scenic light merges with the vivid colors of upholstery furniture and accessories

Colorful table lamp in a living room interior

The charm of black, or How to add a room of elegance and glamor

Table Lamp in the interior hallway

Red color - a symbol of vitality

Table Lamp in the interior

Dazzling yellow accents

Bright lights in the living room interior

Delicious tangerine tones

Pendant lights in the dining room interior

Glossy green add charm to the interior of the spring

Bright table lamps in the living room interior

Celadon - a breath of fresh breeze

Table lamp in bright color

Do not be afraid of bold steps! Start with luxurious lamp

Table lamp in the interior

Violet glow and lights of the city at night

The bright desk lamps in the bedroom

Dark bronze - color, adding depth to the space

Pendant lights in the room interior

Instant transformation of light tones: flower chandelier and bright ornament on the wall

Bright pendant lamps in interior

Lampshades flaunt a variety of designs and materials

Table lamps in the interior hallway

Net dye forever young at heart

Table lamp in the interior of the living room

Light as a unifying element

Table lamp with a print in the interior

Geometric patterns in the interior of the multilayer

Table light interior bedroom

Woven Shade with oriental ornaments add expressiveness

Table lamp with a bright print

Fancy light in colonial style

Lighting in the living room interior

Woven gold - patterned antique lampshade

Antique table lamp

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