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Designer table lamp

Frazier Lead - is focused on innovationindustrial designer from South Africa, now living and working in the UK. He moved to the United Kingdom to continue their education and receive a Bachelor of Science. 2015 was a turning point for his work, as many of his projects have generated enormous interest among Internet browsers and media representatives.

Lead - still a student, although several recent presentations of the young designer were so impressive that to call it a true professional you can without any exaggeration.

Bedside table lamp

Working on the way Kelvin Energy Recovery System (K.E.R.S), Lead set a goal to create an object that demonstrates the visual simplicity and was at the same time subtle and effective.

This table lamp is not only bright product of industrial design. It strongly positioned as an inexpensive home device that looks amazing, being turned off or on.

The rotary system in a table lamp

In the case of K.E.R.S interpretation of the concept of efficiency goes beyond energy savings. That special materials and technologies used in its production, allows to achieve the high level of progressiveness, which is stated in the release of the product.

External lamp shade isa ring-shaped structure in painted PVC, which is inserted into the mesh cylinder made of special paper in black. It acts as a heat sink and a lens at the same time. The base, produced from a mesh plywood, accommodates all the functional components.

Types of table lamps

the system features that the designer himself called Kelvin Energy Recovery System, is that in addition to compact fluorescent lamps, installed inside the housing of the product LED-lamp.

It is included only when the mainlight (CFL) is not effective in turning K.E.R.S nightlight. In this LED-lamp is powered by a solar panel mounted on the top of the cylinder.

The panel in turn absorbs weakUV radiation produced by CFLs. At the base of the lamp is the battery, which stores surplus power for further efficient use.

Futuristic Table Lamp
Design table lamps

So notorious energy efficiency becomes a completely different form and content in the form of a table lamp on a promising designer Lida Fraser.

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