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Electricity Museum. Exhibition of Innovations and masterpieces in the world of lighting.

Creative light bulb in a glass vase

One of the vital achievements of our time- The discovery of electricity. After all, none of us could not exist in the dark. And with the modern days, people can not imagine life without computers, TVs, tablets, phones and other innovations.

Without electricity there would be no advances in science, medicine, technology and other areas of the economy. It is an amazing fact, but a simple light bulb led humanity to the enormous progress.

And it came just over a century ago. Since that time, it was made many discoveries and achievements. At the same time industrial designers are still experimenting. Past achievements in the field of lighting, as well as recent innovations are the focus of modern art exhibition Lightopia.

It was held in the Vitra Design Museum since September 28,16 March 2014 in the German district of Weil am Rhein. Over the next months, the exhibits were shown the public gaze in other major galleries and exhibition centers.

Around 300 works have been shown in an unusual Frank Gehry building on the museum campus. The eyes of the public were shown not only documentaries, but also interactive installation.

Lightopia event also aimed at solving various problems - light pollution, energy efficiency and topical issues, such as bans on incandescent bulbs.

Lovely house with economical lighting

The collection brings together a large exposurethe number of items and objects that have never before been exhibited in public. They include works by several well-known designers such as Wilhelm Wagenfeld, Gino Sarfatti and Rody Graumans.

In the following photo shows you theoriginal light installation. It was developed by an expert Rody Graumans in 1993 with 85 lamps, sockets and black electrical cords.

Creative chandelier by Rody Graumans

Lightopia exposition also goes beyond the real objects and shows the most unusual and memorable light shows in history. One chilling example is shown in the following picture.

This installation by Nazi architect Albert Speer has been demonstrated the public gaze at a meeting of the Reich at Nuremberg.

The unusual installation by Albert Speer

Much of the exhibition is devoted to future innovations, prototypes, performances and daring experiments.

Next, we will present you the five crazy masterpieces presented at the exhibition:

1. Dynamic Architecture. Excellent project called NIX was designed masters Firm Realities studio. The original facade is made with the use of light panels, the system recognizes the lack of people and controls the lights accordingly.

Initially we planned to build a building in the city center of Frankfurt, Germany, but construction has been delayed indefinitely.

Original light panels for the facade of the building in Frankfurt
2. This design from master Starbrick Olafur Eliasson comprises separate modules that can be stacked together, creating different lighting options. Here it is presented as a floor lamp, but it can be easily transformed into a table or hanging lamp.

Translucent yellow mirrored surface perfectly accentuated by LEDs, fill the space a soft subdued light.

Lighting design from master Starbrick Olafur Eliasson
3. This bioluminescent light from the Half-Life Master Joris Laarman powered by firefly DNA cells. No electricity is required because this material is biodegradable.

Creative lamp Half-Life from the master Joris Laarman
4.Etot subject specialists from the Interior Colour Daniel Rybakken and Andreas Engesvik combines light and art. The lamp was made for a large company Ligne Roset.

Unusual Colour lighting element from experts Daniel Rybakken and Andreas Engesvik
5. The constantly changing light. Original Lamp Surface Tension of employees Front for Booo studio has concise appearance and incredible functionality.

Wonderful Lamp Surface Tension of employees Front for Booo Studio

It creates its own shade, blowing a bubble.

Creative lamp Surface Tension of the Front for Booo in the form of a bubble
Wonderful Lamp Surface Tension of the Front for Booo in the form of a bubble
Exquisite Surface Tension Lamp by Front for Booo in the form of a bubble

We present to you the most interesting andfascinating light installations, making it possible to fill the home decor vivacity? And what masterpiece you remember the most?

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