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Designer pendant lamps like works of art.

Latitude Hanging lamps from Flynn Talbot

In 2010, a promising Australian artistFlynn Talbot founded his own design studio lamps in Perth. Each project begins with its analysis of the specific needs of the client and the parameter space.

This approach helps Talbot create universal images that do not belong to one style or era.

In 2013, the artist has developed a Latitude luminaire design. Its design allows the direct rays flow in a user-friendly direction.

The light can be scattered, directed orreflected, depending on the actual problem and the situation. Wire ball is easily installed anywhere in the room, turning into a spectacular element of the modern interior.

In 2014 Talbot updated Latitude design, increasing the diameter of a sphere of 400 mm. The lamp is available in red, white, black and turquoise.

Metal fixtures Latitude from Flynn Talbot
Round Latitude lamps from Flynn Talbot
Material Latitude lamp from Flynn Talbot

Today work Flynn Talbot sold successfully online. His projects have been presented at several major exhibitions and even earned him a prestigious award in the field of design luminaires.

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