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Designer lighting from Foscarini at Milan exhibition

Designer lamps: the original lamp from the company Foscarini

Regular readers of the portal Museum of Design coursealso know that Milan Design Week (Milan Design Week) is held twice a year. In this exhibition, you can always see everything achievements of modern design in different areas. On public display presented as original pieces of furniture, so stylish, modern and high quality lighting. Designer lamps fill the space a special charm and expressiveness.

If at the Milan Design Week last year,all the spectators were impressed by the classic English designer Tom Dixon (Tom Dixon), but this year delights in light of the company Foscarini (Foscarini) pleasantly surprised the audience and experts in this matter.

Starting from the "rock and roll" style distant 70-ies and wonderful oriental motifs, this wonderful quartet brings to our homes shine, draped in the original style.

Modern chic pylon

The impressive size of a floor lamp createdthe creative team of Diesel Living (Diesel live) specifically for the "Foscarini" has a foot in the form of high-voltage pylons, which can be contemplated worldwide.

A beautiful floor lamp by Foscarini company

Gorgeous shade on a solid metal basemade of a white cotton fabric. In addition, this tower can be created and a suspended luminaire. In tandem, they are ideal for those who love the interior, decorated in industrial style - industrial.

White floor lamp by Foscarini company

Metafisica: Beauty in a cage

The original table lamp shiningwarm and gentle tone, a rather unusual form. It looks like a deep soffit being vynyrnuvshee of eternal darkness. Its ceiling, Nestled on the leg of a metal mesh, looks as if floating in the air when enabled.

Beautiful lamp from the company «Foscarini»

The name of the table lamp alsounusual - Metafisica (Metaphysics). Located near the headboard of your bed or sitting comfortably on the desk, it will bring in the interior of the mystique and unique exclusivity.

Material of the lamp from the company «Foscarini»

Oriental "Spokes"

These original lamps in oriental style under the simple name Spokes (Spokes) have been developed known among designers lighting tandem Vicente Garcia Jimenez & Cinzia Cumini.

Inspired by the forms of the "eternal" Chinese lantern made of paper, the unique beauty of the suspension, designed to rethink the classic Oriental pattern.

Pendant lights Spokes from Foscarini

Lampshades are made of bicycle spokes, which also resembles the traditions of the East, because the bike - the national transport in China.

When placing the inside of the lampshade light source, a bizarre game begins with light and shadow on the walls of the room, creating a unique and serene atmosphere.

Rock-n-roll with Crash & Bell

Quite a dynamic duo with the original name Crash & Bell (Alarm and Ringer) was first presented to the public in the home collection for Diesel Fall 2013 exhibition (Diesel Fall 2013).

Now there is an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of this pairfrom the 70s of the last century and this year. Their shades are reminiscent of the setting plate pop drummer and bell. This pair will certainly appreciate the music lovers and fans of rock 'n' roll. Yes, and for many it will be quite original version to refresh your interior and to show that you care about music.

The aluminum surface luminaire Crash & Bell from Foscarini

Lamps will be finedecorate decoration aged in different stylistic directions: not only traditional classics, but also ultra-modern design. This makes them more functional and practical to use.

Perhaps our readers, seeing these pictures,We concluded and want to buy yourself one of these original lighting. The change in the interior of at least some of the subject - will give a fresh and new notes will bring into your life!

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