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Designer lamps from Mickey Bar in the style of origami

Welcome to you, dear visitors, ourdizainall site. Let's talk about the lamps in a contemporary style, which will decorate the interior! Today we introduce you to the original fixtures that are made of fabric.

Yes, because of her! As is known, modern home with proper lighting gives the room a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. Designer lamps surprised by its shape, reminiscent of origami.

Undoubtedly, readers interested in downLamp-cloud created Producks Design Studio in collaboration with textile designer Mika Barr. The concept of the project can be described in short the ori, which translated from Japanese means "folding" (remember Origami), and from Hebrew - "light".

Lamp-cloud from the Mickey Bar

On the inner side of the fabric, which is made oflampshade, printed structured pattern, forming the outline of the lamp. Geometric "clouds" are made the same, but the effect ori allows the buyer to get involved in the creative process and give a unique design of the final product. Form it can be permanently transformed.

Bottle in the form of a cloud of Mickey Bar

Beautiful bottle for fixtures from Mickey Bar

Bottle-bulb clouds from Mickey Bar

Fantastic accessory made of a closed piecetissue. If necessary, replace the bulb you just unbutton a hidden zipper. This futuristic lamp, even nezazhzhёnny, will give a fascinating look around the room, terrace or garden.

Floor lamp, a cloud of Mickey Bar

Lamp-cloud from the Mickey Bar

Floor lamp, a cloud of Mickey Bar

Collection of fixtures from Mickey Bar

Beautiful floor lamp, a cloud of Mickey Bar

Designer lamps made in soft and neutral monochrome colors. This created a great and extraordinary installation, fitting into any style of decoration.

You can not imagine what a fantastic result gives the lamp light spectrum splitting into many colors and shades! Find a place to put it in your home and immerse yourself in work.

Unique light-cloud from the Mickey Bar

Metal leg lamp from Mickey Bar

Delightful floor lamp by Mickey Bar

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