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Designer lamps as a way of interior transformation

Unusual design lights

Designer lamps as decorative interior decoration

Designer lamps from luxury collectionVictoria is called, which was developed by creative agency 7Gods produce a very unusual appearance. They look so fantastic that at first sight it seems that artists just broke off a piece of the meteorite fell to Earth and managed to catch a falling star and to fix it on a long cord.

Each of these products consists of the uniqueset of shiny metal plates in the shape of triangles. They are interconnected by invisible fixings and form quite unusual form diffusers, which are inserted into the tube. When you turn on this unit space, as it were shrouded in a golden glow, and on the walls and ceiling appear blurry reflections, developing in an intricate ornament.

Designer lamps in golden color - Picture 1

Some of their creations designers puton pedestals resistant, so they can be used as a bedside table or lamps, which are ideal to create a mysterious romantic atmosphere.

Designer lamps in golden color - Photo 2

Of course, these models are available in very limited quantities and it is worthy to decorate the interior of any, most luxurious palace.

And what is your opinion about the data samples of modern design art?

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