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Design pendant SpongeOh in a minimalist style.

Design of multi-colored pendant SpongeOh

Lamp SpongeOh product is being moreauxiliary light source and does not aspire to the title of the stylistic foundation upon which you can build a picture of the future of design, still deserves your attention.

Multi-colored pendant lights dome shape SpongeOh

The high density of the material - the main reason,because of which the light source should not be used as the core. On duty, that is, night lighting - this is an area in which the lamp is able to demonstrate their best qualities.

But we should not assume that such a modest practical role of this product in any way that limits its value designer and visual characteristics.

Neutral dome shape - externalcomponent that accepts almost any style and direction of design. Regardless of the specifics of the way of the future decoration SpongeOh in any case will have to place.

Hi-tech, minimalist, classic, retro or vintage -a list of various design trends that can continue indefinitely and which determines the need for a similar reception in the form of the installation of this product.

Pendant lights dome shape SpongeOh

Satisfying such a factor as a rich combination of colors in the interior - another advantage of this lamp.

Adequate choice of colors with whichthere is clearance SpongeOh allows to recreate any creative ideas, and, excluding any visual restrictions. The harmonious combination of all elements of design - that is the main result of the use of this design decision.

Universal design pendant dome-shaped pistachio color SpongeOh

And of course, hardly anyone would argue with the fact that the use of the lamp at night accompanied by the presence of compelling and surprising visual effect.

You can easily fill your home with a sense of fairy-tale and a certain mystique that will have the liking of all your household.

Create a cozy atmosphere, giving goodmood and family harmony - a factor which in its entirety has a lamp SpongeOh, and whose presence can boast a rare product of this kind.

Universal design of colorful hanging lamps SpongeOh dome shape

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