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Design pendant lamp made of granite circular shape

Lamp made of granite

MIKA 350? pendant lamp, created in the image and likeness of the ancient Celtic towers. They were called Palozzas, they served for the defense forts. It was built in Galicia are about in the 6th century BC.

The creation of this luminaireWe used the same materials as in ancient times? granite and wood. Designers created a minimalist shape and perfect the content of the object that complements any ancient or modern interior.

Beautiful lamp made of granite

Shade can be made of stones of different colors. The most spectacular, perhaps, of black granite. It creates a directional light output, lighting highlights the area.

Great lamp made of granite

Also available in beige and red-brown stone. Choose the option that is in harmony with your interior.

Delightful granite fixtures

Well thought-form? a combination of two cones? simply mesmerizing purity of shape. Wooden base effectively contrasts with the cold stone. See how well combined light of this form, which simply breathes history, with the texture of natural wood.

Fixtures Granite

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