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Decorative lighting and lighting in the interiors

Decorative lighting and light bedroom

Decorative lighting and light - a new worddesign. You can decorate the house in its sole discretion, following the latest fashion trends, using sumptuous decor and intricate arrangement of furniture ... But if you want to create a unique interior, like no one else, make furniture shine!

Bedrooms benefit from the presence of one or two fluorescent elements, and in the kitchen you get a distinct advantage with the ability to move freely around the perimeter in the shadows.

On this and many other things will be discussed in today's article.

Kitchen counter top with neon

No longer have to wander in the dark, at night going to the bathroom or the kitchen to drink some water. Just imagine how pleasant it is to wash the dishes after dinner, having such a great countertop!

Floating in the air shimmers magically bedneon. The frame consists of only one height-adjustable support, but you may find that a stately bed stays in weightlessness ... An excellent way to visually expand the space!

Creative neon lights under the bed

Glowing acrylic arches make the process of selection of wines in the neo-Gothic basement into a real adventure. And what can be done here party! Stunning illuminations provide blue LEDs.

Neon lighting in the interior of the cellar

It's hard to forget a bicycle or a toy on the gardentrack, when it is so clearly visible. Starpath - sprayed coating is made of elastomer for concrete, asphalt, wood and other materials that can absorb and store solar energy during the day and night to give, making the particles glow in the dark.

The great thing is that the spray is adapted to the natural conditions, so the glow will have a different intensity throughout the day. Really intelligent invention!

Creative neon lights

Scope Starpath already passed the limits of private possessions and spread to the city's parks and other public places, because its use saves energy.

Street lighting neon

What could be more beautiful than the water surface inNight Garden? Pool walls and bottom of which is lined with glowing in the dim light tiles! With the original finish can designate a portion with lowest depth that will certainly enjoy the family with children.

Neon lights on the bottom of the pool

Original lighting makes outdoor cafes andterraces of restaurants even more attractive and romantic, but to create a stunning effect equip sofas and armchairs linear saturated blue LEDs.

Neon lights in the living room interior

This bathroom seems ordinary, but it is necessary to turn off the light ...

Natural light in the bathroom

... And its space is completely transformed. Phosphorescent tiles will come in handy during a late-night visits. And if the top bright light can completely get rid of a dream, delicate illuminations allow awakened remain half asleep and to get back into the warm bed.

Neon lights in the interior of a bathroom

What are transparent walls in the bathroom? In order to glow from within!

Beautiful neon lights on the outside of the dressing room

Do you like to take a shower in the dark, admiring the glow emanating from the joints between the tiles. Remember that tiles must necessarily be dark.

Homeowners using a special grout in the bathroom, the kitchen and the garage. You will ask why? Why not?!

Neon lights on a hot plate

Walk up the stairs in the dark is not safe, so equip the stage lighting.

Neon lights on the steps

In your home, too, installed the original system? Tell us about it!

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