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Decorative Lamp: 9 photo solutions for interior

Dome lights over the table

Recently, three-dimensional metaphorical lampsfantastic shade in the form of a dome are becoming increasingly popular among many homeowners and decorators because of its unique ability to transform the space and fill the atmosphere special creativity and eccentricity.

They can steal a great dining room, guest lounge and bedroom, as well as to become the center of attention in any room.

Artist Randall Whitehead (Randall Whitehead)decorated with original lighting concise massive bubble with a black matte outer surface and creative ornament inside. This incomparable piece of furniture will look great in a room with an open floor plan and high ceilings.

Hanging lamp in the dining room from the interior MR.MITCHELL


Lighting with bulkysizes allow to focus the eye on the elegant and refined design, as well as to bring the atmosphere of the apartment charm and incredible creativity. An example of this is an amazing facility, designed by the architects of the agency SB Architects and master Erin Martin (Erin Martin). Iron structure with a bright orange canopy perfectly decorates the courtyard terrace.

Hanging chandelier in the interior space

The furniture in rustic style

There are two main types of domes: opaque and translucent. The first variant is able to direct the light beam downwards, and the second - smoothly fills all the space a soft and subdued light.

Luxury chandelier in the interior of the dining area from Ed Kopel, Architect

Dining room of Ed Kopel, Architect, P.C.

The original chandeliers with an unusual interiorShade, painted in a deep and expressive copper color, are able to fill the home decor brightness and eccentricity. They also perfectly complement the cool shade of glow diode bulbs.

Black pendant light in the interior of the living room from the Seriously Designed

Living by Seriously Designed

The translucent dome lamp shade isa unique decorative element. In addition, it is able to attract the attention of guests. See how effectively look as an accessory in a serene dining room.

Bright hanging lamp in the dining room interior by Design Platform

Dining by Design Platform

Talented Specialist Cristin Priest (ChristinePriest) chose an opaque lamp for registration of this corner of the breakfast that fills the space a special charm and aesthetic appeal. This type of lighting device is the perfect complement not only to the dinner table, but also to the workplace.

Hanging lamp in the dining room from the interior Cristin Priest

Design by Cristin Priest {Simplified Bee}

Decor and interior with a massivedomed canopy are versatile and popular solution for the transformation of all the apartments. They are more elegant than some glamorous and frilly lamps. Notice how creative and elegant looks snow-white chandelier in a calm and serene interior of a bedroom.

The snow-white chandelier in the nursery

Children's room in the Art Nouveau style

For this house, which was designed and Implemented masters DrewettWorks studio, Luis Ortega Specialist (Luis Ortega) chose a stainless steel bowl.

With his use of it is perfectly accentuateddining area. The domed shape accessory looks great in modern architecture, because it adds a feminine and romantic buildings strict geometric design.

Grey hanging lamp in the interior of the dining area from DrewettWorks

Design of DrewettWorks

We presented you a greatdesign options of apartments with a unique lighting with shade in the form of domes, filling the atmosphere incredible charm and aesthetic appeal.

And you like the idea of ​​decoration for the house of talented designers? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below ...

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