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Decorative chandelier THREE by Stuart Fingerhut

Designer chandelier from Stuart Fingerhut

Lighting - this is probably the least important detailmodern design than the color combination in the interior design and style. Thanks to properly choose the option can dramatically change the appearance of even the most dismal room, adding to the image of the magical play of light.

But it is equally valid aspect is itselfa device that provides a light space, its form plays a violin in the symphony, which merges into a harmonious and balanced picture.

His views on the ideal suspension chandelierthe room presented designer Stuart Fingerhut. Unique lamp presented at the mercy of discerning public - is a creative form of versatility and creative design.

Creative design chandelier
Multifunctional chandelier

Its lampshade is formed of a plurality of suspensions onmoving fixtures that provide easy management of the game world. Simple control aluminum rings contributes to the creation of various unusual and interesting configurations.

Despite the complexity of the structure in its foundationIt puts a pretty simple idea, which with the help of a competent presentation turned into an intriguing instance, has a certain emotional impact.

Aluminum suspension mounts on mobile
Easy regulation of the direction of the light
Amazing lamp THREE

The chandelier is available in different color options thatIt is making it relevant to virtually any modern interior design. It does not matter whether you choose a creative THREE for the living room, kitchen, office or corridor, it is appropriate will join an existing design without disturbing the existing balance.

Layering allows you to create concentric rings dramatic effects of light and shade to match your mood or environmental conditions.

Beautiful lamp THREE
Dramatic lighting facilities
Smooth and concise line lampshade

Made suspension by laser cuttingmetallised acrylic sheets. Smooth lines and concise and beautiful design execution possible to achieve an ideal result, which is sure to appeal to fans of fresh and new ideas, contributing in a variety of household items.

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