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Crystal chandelier in the Empire style: photo ideas

Chandeliers in the style of French Empire

Paris opera

The elegance and grandeur of a series of chandeliers, the so-called French Empire, there is no doubt whatsoever. Stunning luxury attracts everyone's attention the complexity of exquisite beauty.

Classical French form? a win-win duo polished to a golden shine brass and crystal clear mountain crystal, beautifully flowing down intricate modulations. This glamorous subject inevitably becomes the center of the interior.

Beautiful chandeliers in the style of French Empire

The many faces of solemnity

The design data of luminaires carefully designed, complex curved shape is designed to give maximum light output.

While other suspension systemsused circuit components visually bulky body, the French version is described as follows: "Flowers on the iron stem from which, apart brilliant thickets appear light bulbs." The number of light sources varies in either direction, but they are usually at least six.

Unique chandelier in the style of French Empire

Signed representative of French Empire

The story begins in a exquisite chandeliersmedieval France. The first products were provided for lighting candles and are made of metal in order to fire safety. And in the XVII century through the efforts of unknown masters of the court, they were transformed into luxury jewelry for royal family members.

Large crystal beads as drops,united in a smooth flowing waves with the addition of a skilled metal casting plant motifs distinguish the original models from the later of the British known asceticism certain general concept.

The following 18th and 19th centuries, they were madewith various dimensions to fit different purposes. This is not surprising, given the huge demand! Style has become recognized around the world and even displayed in the high art of opera. Recall the infamous chandelier from «Phantom the Opera», which inadvertently gave birth to anger Ghost.

Amazing chandelier in the style of French Empire

D'Orsay Museum, Paris

And nowadays a luxury accessory is not lost relevance, are the true connoisseurs of cultural heritage. Get at least the French Quarter in New Orleans, USA.

On a relatively small area there are many antique shops, large and small, and each of them has at least one copy of the French Empire.

Wonderful chandelier in the style of French Empire

The expansion in the New World

Beautiful chandeliers in the style of French Empire

Gourmet Style In Crystal

Crystal chandeliers in the style of French Empire

kingdom of perfection

Elegant chandeliers in the style of French Empire

Grandiose and majestic

Wonderful chandelier in the style of French Empire

Elegant crystal

Amazing lights French Empire

wealth Restraint

In conclusion, the worthy successor of the age-old traditions is the Empire, which absorbed all the positive features of the "King of Style."

Although today in the course of cheap mass production of porcelain and glass, it can not spoil the impression of the invincible charm shine and splendor.

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