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Creative lighting of used coffee filters

Unusual and creative lamps from Vilma Farrell

Creative lighting in the interior of a cafe

How did such an unusual idea

A former journalist, Brazilian Vilma Farrell, whonow lives in New York, it has been not quite commonplace. He collects used coffee filters, so that later, with the help of water-colors, make them into these unique lampshades.

Colorful creative fixtures - Photo 1

Lampshade made of coffee filters

Colorful creative fixtures - Photo 2

Vilma Farrell uses a variety of shades

Colorful creative fixtures - Photo 3

The lamp in the interior of the apartment

Colorful creative fixtures - Photo 4

So it looks like construction near

Vilma Farrell have two small daughters. It is for them, in 2011, he began to create these one-of-a-kind items - they joined the love of coffee and love to light. Vilma Farrell works under the name «Lampada» and says of his work:

"People are usually surprised to learn thatordinary garbage can become a work of art. The hands to create shade from the coffee filter - time-consuming work. But the result is worth it - the light casts beautiful shadows, and I really enjoy my work. "

Colorful creative fixtures - Photo 5


After collecting filters local Starbucks (theyusing larger filters), Vilma Farrell manual draws on these different color patterns, cut them into strips and joins. After a long work appears the result - a modern lamp with a stylish shade. It seems that it is made of colored glass instead of used coffee filters. This is achieved thanks to the interesting geometrical pattern and overlapping stripes and colors on each other.

Colorful creative fixtures - Photo 6
Colorful creative fixtures - Photo 7

Future plans

Vilma Farrell also creates floral arrangementsfrom used coffee filters. Its shades can be seen in restaurants in New York City, San Francisco and many other institutions. This neat shade becomes a real treasure: he cleverly fit into any decor and will add to the atmosphere of comfort and warmth.

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