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Copyright lamps handmade from Alexandra Tuca

Copyright lamps in the form handmade skirt by Alexandra Tuca

Lighting our homes and apartments - an importantpart of the interior. And if the radiation comes from the chandeliers, lamps or floor lamps most unusual and unpredictable forms, the charm and mystery of living rooms, bedrooms, children's increased twice. We present to you the author handmade lamps that are incredibly unique and amaze with their uniqueness. They are sure to attract the attention of our readers!

In each country, to create a designlighting has dozens of designers. Because every manufacturer wants his invention was unique, unique and in demand of the consumer for many years or decades.

If cronies Site Design Museumremember adaptation of Anton Chekhov's comedy "The Wedding" and the most colorful characters - Greek, insists that everything is in Greece, then this article is just for them.

Lamps that attract their attentiondesign, breathtaking, and generate the desire to decorate the home this exclusive tricks. This is perhaps the best feature floor lamps put on the market in Greece.

Design Studio Greek Alexandra Tuca in recent years specialized in the production of lamp shades rather unexpected and unconventional forms. They are somewhat similar to the women's pleated skirt.

According to the artist herself, in the framework of thisdevelopment were put some pictures of the legendary Marilyn Monroe, was captured by photographer in a very scrupulous situation. Once, while at the reception and next to the outdoor fan, a gust of wind tossed up artificial light hem actress. It was these pictures prompted a Greek designer to innovative idea of ​​creating a collection of "Skirts Marilyn."

The material for the manufacture of polyester satin lampshades is bright red or moderately-beige tones. Modern lamp collection Marilyn Skirts from Alexandra Tuca.



Modern lampshade collection Marilyn Skirts from Alexandra Tuca

In no way inferior to the original sconces titled "Oh!". Their design speaks for itself and gives rise to various associations for the perception of consumers.



Unique lampshade collection Marilyn Skirts from Alexandra Tuca

That moved up-skirt Marilyn Monroe foundreflected in the collection of lamps "Concha". Satin lampshades are made here in bright rainbow colors, reminding us of the time of the famous, but the forgotten style of "pop" music. These products are elegant ornament in any living room.



Creative lampshade collection Marilyn Skirts from Alexandra Tuca

Since 1992, Alexander makes his Tucalamps in the workshop in Athens manually. Today it is only four specialists who carry out the assembly of metal structures, installation of electrical fittings, sewing of fabrics and the label on the plastic molds.

Designers are many suppliers, but even more buyers. For more detailed information the reader is referred to the website of the company, headed by Alexander Tuca.

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