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Collection of lamps in the style of origami: 9 photo ideas

Creative pendant light in the form of origami

These lights are sculptured,elegant and incredibly beautiful design masterpieces. In addition, they have recently become very popular among many interior decorators and homeowners due to its creative and unparalleled appearance. These ultra-fine patterns can transform any decoration of the apartments, as well as fill the atmosphere with timeless charm and incredible comfort.

In today's story, we will present you the nine gorgeous pendant lamps with amazing and concise stylistic execution lampshade.

Fantastic piece of furniture from The Big Bangbrand Foscarini has a simple and uncomplicated form of the ceiling, which looks like an explosion in a paper mill. This lamp will be the perfect complement of classic and elegant furnishings. Besides its unusual appearance to attract attention and interest in the guests and family members.

Dining by FORMA Design

Exquisite folded paper lamp fromCompany Serena & Lilly will look great even in a simple and sleek decoration. At the same time the soft yellow glow fills the atmosphere of special charm and elegance.

The original design of a small home office

These simple pleated lamps are available in three different configurations.

Unique hanging lamp in the form of origami

Living in a fusion of Holly Marder

The original ceiling fixture will transformany interior design for his eccentric and creative in appearance. Exceptional cover is a collection of black origami cranes. This work of art filled living room and spectacular sculptural brilliance that allows you to create excellent conditions for a peaceful and relaxing holiday away from home, surrounded by family and friends.

Magnificent pendant light in the interior of the living room

Living in a fusion of Holly Marder

In the following photo to your attention one more demonstrated a simple and laconic lamp with an amazing appearance, different creative folds.

Wonderful pendant light in the interior of Sao node

Toilet by CWB Architects

Amazing performance of this metal bowl with numerous broken wire looks wonderful eclectic decoration of the dining room.

Wonderful pendant light in the interior dining area

Dining room by Emily Chalmers | Caravan Style

See how effectively and excellently lookthese amazing objects of decoration and interior design in house. Volumetric white ceiling with a fantastic geometric shape emphasize the kitchen area and the island, as well as bring in the atmosphere and dramatic expressiveness.

The magnificent pendant lamp in the interior of the kitchen

Kitchen in the Art Nouveau style of the Uribe Studio Inc

The sophisticated pendant lamp Chestnut PaperOrigami by Studio Snowpuppe studio has a unique smoky tint shade in the palette. It will look great in a calm and serene light space.

Exquisite pendant lamp in the form of origami

Beautiful decor on Etsy

Amazing and creative lamp from the company Jaycieydesigns has unparalleled silhouette and original stylistic execution lampshade that makes a lasting impression on people.

Volgebny hanging lamp in the form of origami

The modern model of fixtures on Etsy

Impressive pink chandelier Moth from brand Studio Snowpuppe ideal for modern children. She has a gentle and concise appearance and incredibly attractive design.

Dizzy hanging lamp in the form of origami

Unique model in the Art Nouveau style on Etsy

We have presented to your look exceptionala selection of original and unique pendant lamps, which can transform the decoration of the great apartments and fill them with incredible charm and elegance.

Do you like these ideas decor of talented artists? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below ...

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