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Ceiling lamp made of wood - regular geometric shapes

Suspension GeoLamp from Mezzo Atelier

At the heart of this project are the basic postulatesevidence-based geometry. Relying on this feature, GeoLamp brings to the space mathematically verified balance and aesthetics of the author's design. In general, it is simply the hemisphere which is fixed to the ceiling and serves to illuminate the room.

GeoLamp lamp from Mezzo Atelier on the table
Material GeoLamp lamp from Mezzo Atelier

Now the details. The tape, made of plywood triangles, forming a multi-faceted dome GeoLamp. His geometric unwrap can be compared with the usual apple peel, cut a continuous strip in a spiral.

Driving GeoLamp lamp from Mezzo Atelier

What else delights in the form of lampsno, but a set of unique patterns on the surface of the plywood triangles and magic of their interaction with each other confer its attractive beauty and expressiveness.

In the switched state GeoLamp casts intriguing shadows on surrounding surfaces and forms a soft spot of scattered light.

The process of working under a lamp GeoLamp from Mezzo Atelier

Projects of two young architects GiacomoMetstsadri and Zhoany Oliveira, who founded the studio Mezzo Atelier already proved their participation in several international exhibitions. Although the last word, as always, for the buyers.

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