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Ceiling lamp made of wood, designed by Nick Sheridan

Levis Lamp by Cerno

Architect Nick Sheridan, who a few years ago, along with two childhood friends founded Cerno studio, today takes it as chief designer.

His desire to be as honest in terms of choice and display materials largely determined the direction of the company and the nature of the images it creates.

Most developed in Cerno projects are entirely practical purposes while remaining examples of environmentally responsible design.

Used for the production of componentstimber is harvested in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. And do not forget that the service life of LED lamps up to 50,000 hours.

Lamp Levis - another creation of Nick Sheridan. Simple and intuitive at first glance, it intrigues and fascinates on closer examination.

faces Asymmetry brings dynamics into the structurelampshade, causing a desire to consider it from different angles. Available versions - birch, frosted glass, aluminum, each doing Levis ideal element of the modern interior.

Levis Wooden lamp bottle of Cerno
Metal Levis lamp bottle of Cerno
Ceiling mount lamp from Levis Cerno

Among the huge range of designer products Cerno each buyer will be able to find their way, able to bring harmony and comfort in the living space.

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