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Cascade Chandelier: 34 photo example for interior

How to organize the lighting - one of the major design challenges.

This post is dedicated to luxurious chandeliers cascade - the aristocrats of the world fixtures.

It is understandable why they are associated with splendor, scale and sophistication. Floating bubbles and weightless LED strands give the impression of unreality.

Extravagant layered miracles come in different shapes and finishes. See a collection of the best models.

Lunch with the stars

In recent years, fashion has a tendency to hang over the table a few lights go great one. But sloping chandelier - a much more remarkable choice.

Some people think that in small rooms, it is cumbersome, but it is not so. The open-plan it can be easily visually zoned dining room.

Another indisputable advantage of chandeliers - a unique property just to attract attention. We just do not miscalculate the size.

Large models look good in bright and spacious rooms, while smaller rooms are appropriate translucent and air options.

Step into style meet

The variety of designs and solutions strikes - cascading chandelier can be compared with the graceful sculpture. Fully lamp beauty is revealed in the space above the multi-storey staircase.

Current products are light sources 18-38 is proportional arranged over the entire height.

Try to add an interior spiral or nispadayusche confusing model. Pick up the track, given the shape of the railing - and boring dark marches sparkle unknown faces.

Shining center

It is a mistake to assume that the cascading chandeliers are applicable only in dining rooms and stairwells. This is a simple and effective way to add a charismatic appeal to any space.

The stepped design of the coffee table in the living room or crystal studs in the bathroom - perhaps you will find exactly the piece, which is so lacking in your interior!

Without a doubt, this is not a choice for the gray personalities. Hypnotic pattern will lead your guests into raptures. Give yourself the opportunity to see the world in a new way!

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