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Carved wooden chandeliers: lamps collection Upcycle

Carved wooden chandelier Upcycle

Today we look at a rather unusualseries of lighting called upcycle. Carved wooden chandeliers have been developed and successfully implemented in the life of a professional designer and a talented engineer Benjamin Spoth of the Dutch metropolis Eindhoven.

Beautiful woven lamp Upcycle by Benjamin Spoth

When a designer to see how much remainsquality birch plywood waste in an industrial plant, then decided to find a way to re-use of natural resources. He designed a unique handmade lamps, which are the basis for high-quality steel strip wooden trimmings.

Upcycle Collection consists of five lamps with wicker shades of different shape, size and structure.

Amazing woven lamp Upcycle by Benjamin Spoth

Carefully made by hand from masters of multiplex wood (Multiplex wood) products makes an indelible impression on customers with its unusual appearance.

Five collection samples were presented to the public attention on the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven in 2014.

Cool woven lamp Upcycle by Benjamin Spoth

In the course of his artistic career masters collected two-meter cutting plywood and cut them thin slices. Next, the blank intertwined and turned into fantastic lampshades.

To give the products a unique volume, treesteamed. As a result, the material becomes wet, flexible and malleable, making it possible to bend the strips in a certain way. At the same time the texture of the material remained the same - with cracks and stains - which is why the lamp turned incredibly natural.

Weaving plywood Upcycle lamp on Benjamin Spoth

A variety of shapes and sizes allowbuyers opt for the interior design of their own homes the option that will organically fit, not only in modern decoration, but in a classic design.

Amazing woven lamp Upcycle by Benjamin Spoth

For example, volumetric model will be finelook at a country mansion over the dining table, and a thin and elegant grace the reading corner or focuses on a particular view of the functional area.

Colorful woven lamp Upcycle by Benjamin Spoth

The design is robust and reliablemetal base, which is attached to a wooden hoop with a canopy, the cartridge and the power cord. Latticed surface lampshade passes a soft glow, filling the apartment a special charm and expressiveness.

The metal base of the lamp Upcycle Benjamin Spoth

Look at the picture below: thanks to the competent handling of the material by steam, curved strips unthinkable way! Refined silhouette, is not it ?!

Beautiful woven lamp Upcycle by Benjamin Spoth

See how effectively looks delicate light in the interior. When the light is switched on slatted ceiling casts on the wall a magnificent pattern, which will soothe your eyes after a hard day.

Unique woven lamp Upcycle by Benjamin Spoth

Natural texture brings the room a touch of rustic charm.

Masterpiece and home decor items Upcyclefrom specialist Benjamin Spoth - this inspiration of nature in its purest form. The variety of shapes and sizes, the original stylistic performance using a textured birch wood and concise design - by lamps is impossible to pass!

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