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Black pendant lighting - development of Shift, Mexico

Pendant lights in geometric form

Shift - a young but very promisinga company based in the Mexican city of Monterrey. Inspired by the conviction that "design can change the world", it develops innovative and deeply conceptual solutions, each of which is aimed at integrating its principles in all spheres of human life.

Black and white pendant lamp

A new and truly urgent developmentShift experts called U32-1. This pendant lamp, created in collaboration with the production brand Lampslite. Its all-metal structure calls for a study of the properties of form and current trends in the world of modern urban design.

The geometric shape pendant

Impressive geometry U32-1 symbolizes the interaction of surface and structural elements, and in a broader sense - a sharp contrast between the diverse urban landscapes.

Metal bars on the hanging lamp
White pendant light
Brass rods on pendant lights
The geometric shape of the black lamp
The lamp hanging lamp in nakalyvaniya
Driving pendant lamp in a geometrical shape

Fascinating combination of white, black and goldelements form a simple but expressive aesthetics U32-1, allowing him to become a spectacular addition to any modern interior. Hard outline lamp gain totally different interpretation, combined with a warm lamp in retro style.

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