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Antique Lamp: ideas for the interior

The old lamp in the interior

Elegant vintage lamps with the finestdomed shades are great! Inspired by the Renaissance, the designers have created lamps, which are ideal for luxury apartments.

Multilevel chandeliers drastically transform the living space and the atmosphere is filled with a special chic apartments.

Middle Ages

Chandeliers this fascinating era and asceticismfunctionality. Their shape is ideal for decorating the house: elegant metal design and simple glass lampshades charming in its simplicity.

Look how elegant series of ceiling lamps complements the decor a long hallway.

Elegant lighting in the interior

Classic corridor by Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects


Before the Renaissance pendant lightscollected from textured wood, brass or silver. At the heart of it was round and serve to hold the candles. Soon they threw a glass dome - the story begins with the lighting of the moment ...

The tin or brass hooks and chainsused for decoration and fixing these items to the interior ceiling tiles. But the lamp was still playing a purely decorative role. French chandelier with gold organically combined with accessories and furniture set in the Renaissance style.

Beautiful lighting in the interior

Hallway from Tucker & Marks

Lanterns in the XVIII century England

Most of London's houses were dark and gloomy as the only illumination came from open flame or spark. As the candles were expensive, then they used with caution, even rich.

Lamps with a domed canopy often installed in the hallways and lobbies, but candles were lit only during the reception of guests.

The original chandelier with bronze fittings, presented to your attention on the next picture, an ideal choice for a classic lobby.

Wonderful chandelier in an interior hallway area

Classic corridor by Crisp Architects

Lanterns beginning of the XIX century

At this time, lights couldseen in the lobby of the many American colonial mansions. Glass cover, known as a smoke outlet, was designed to protect the masters of light ceilings from blackening.

Living room in a nautical theme by Jill Shevlin Design

Lanterns in the style of colonial India

In this country, rounded ceiling has become a very popular destination in the unusual decor homes. But in contrast to Europe, in the design of products used colored and frosted glass.

Superb dining room furniture complemented by crisp white canopy and metal structure. Amazing chandelier fills the space magical glow.

White chandelier in the interior dining area

Dining by Tim Barber LTD Architecture & Interior Design

Our days

Currently there are tons of ceiling lamps with teardrop canopy.

Glass chandeliers in the interior of the kitchen

Modern kitchen by Bulhon Design Associates

We present to you the options for processing the apartment with the help of lamps with original cap-shade.

And you like excursion into history? You could be fascinated medieval by a modern design? Share with us the opinion in the comments to the article ...

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