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Ahead for the development of all the new-fangled trends, be always with the best collection of X Collection by Rux

Coffee table from X collection by Rux

Think about the difficulties of their regular readers - the duty of the Design Museum, which is trying to perform in full.

And no wonder, because the search for a truly worthyideas about the formation of interior decoration premises thing is quite a difficult and in some cases difficult, especially when it comes to the implementation of the desire to have as part of its design and interior decor items, other than a similar visual style and the identical parameters.

Collection X Collection by Rux, which includes a chandelier and a coffee table decides such excitement and significantly transform the space around you.

Unusual forms of these products in the firstseconds of acquaintance with them cause a mixture of astonishment and admiration true that in the era of the modern variety is quite rare, not to say that it is practically impossible.

Wood construction objects included in the collection range, manufactured from the best species of trees such as maple or walnut, shapes the contours of such a geometric shape as an octahedron.

This form of furniture presentedyour attention, causing feelings of true admiration, among which such determination is modern and stylish, only a small fraction of the large flow of pleasant experiences.

Creative pendant light from X collection by Rux

Inserts from brass copper intended forConnection of LED lighting lamps are additional touches, emphasizes the unusual style lamps and tables. Used light sources other than their external qualities are sufficiently economical and abundant light emission.

Beautiful coffee table from X collection by Rux

Yourself furniture comprising the XCollection, is a modular design that allows you to not only control their external image, but also harmoniously be several products into one harmonious composition.

Wonderful coffee table and pendant lamp from X collection by Rux

A table with a glass top,beneficial to emphasize the beauty of your favorite accessories and make it easier to find your favorite board books in the dim light of the room. Romantic mood with a touch of intimacy, backed by the amazing style of the surrounding interior - factors that will ensure the availability of line Collection X Collection from Rux.

Wooden frame piece of furniture from the collection of the X Rux
Suspension of the collection X of Rux

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