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A unique collection of futuristic lamps

Creative pendant light in a futuristic style

Many modern pendant lights haveultra - modern design, which makes them works of art. On the part of these articles of blown glass, coated with a variety of powder coated, have differences.

However, they are united by elegance futuristicforms. Today on the site Design Museum will talk about the ten most striking collections of modern lamps. Each of them, in their own way, deserves special attention.


Let's start with this masterpiece of art, created by designer Cappellini. This explosion of glass and paints as if caught at its peak, and is enclosed in an invisible shell round shape.

Also admirable flavor varietycolors: there are pink, yellow, green color, filled with an amber glow. Especially effective, data look lighting elements grouped in the form of bouncing from one another.

Bright Lights interesting shape

The following model is a sevendome-shaped lamps hanging from the ceiling at different heights. These balls are made of glass design studio - West Elm. Satin color harmoniously distributed at each hanging element. This is a wonderful light filled for any interior.

Beautiful fixtures interesting shape

Radiating bright and rich colors of lights,by designer Tom Dixon, represent a kind of luminous fire balls that are filled with solar energy. They are made of molded polycarbonate, coated with fluorescent orange paint. Product design provides both group and individual arrangement of the data items.

Red Lights interesting shape

As a generator of conceptual ideasthe next model range was used, apparently, space theme, in particular, astronauts helmets. This is supported by the prevalence of the characteristic silvery chrome on the surface of the lamp.

Placed around the perimeter of the ceiling, these products will be a perfect complement decorations next blockbuster, a series of Star Wars.

Glittering Lights interesting shape

Corner pendant lamp

In accordance with the latest fashion trends, allincreasingly popular model pendant angular shape. The absolute embodiment of this innovation is a range of suspension lamps in origami style created by studio «Aarevalo». The contrast of colors and dynamic design of this product will not leave anyone indifferent.

Geometric lamps in interior

Active use of geometric shapes,It is one of the most popular contemporary trend. So, the designer Alistair Mac, presents its new model pendant lamp Large Black Spica, consisting of a sturdy steel frame, powder coated, reflecting coming from the light bulb turned on. It brings some outrageous in the atmosphere of the room.

Amazing Light interesting shape

Another model Threaded Spica Light,provided it is different from the previous presence of characteristic white color metal base that emphasizes the presence of decorative elements on a frame made of colored threads embroidered cloth paintings that wrapped around the entire product design.

Delicious Light interesting shape

Numerical simulation of engraving copper plates,combined in a single product, distinguished by most of the latest creations of renowned designer Tom Dixon. Inspired by the logic of mathematics, this light, as it were, embodies the whole group of spatial equations, seasoned with a fair portion of the futuristic effect.

Unusual lamp interesting shape

Square and rectangular chandeliers

You can imagine that such a three-dimensional world? The active help your imagination will have a model developed by designer Andre Kikoski. Based on the lines of rectangular, it is made in the form of original squares, gray matte paint coated steel hue. The basis of technological performance products make LED components.

Rectangular luminaire for interior

Finally, we present to your attentionthe latest novelty of this review. Tetrahedral elements made of individual rectangular glass plates to form a single hanging lamp that looks like a fan blade.

Glass covered with colored powder-coated in such a way that they are refracted through the light from the bulb creates a rainbow effect, creating a positive atmosphere in the room.

Bright light interesting shape

When it comes to the use of falsefixtures, pay close attention to the style of furniture and interior design. If muted colors and shades dominate the space, give up the bright colorful patterns, shifting the emphasis in favor of the lighting elements made in a restrained, neutral colors.

But do not think that a modern color palette is only for modern rooms. There is nothing more spectacular than the location of a fashion accessory in the most unexpected place.

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