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A collection of photos gorgeous designer chandelier

Spacious modern dining room

Caboche complements modern type of housing, 2id Interiors

Continuing the theme of interior solutions in the article you will see various options for beautiful lamps.

Often, we carefully select the decor elementsfor the house, but it happens that the image obtained incomplete. But, as a rule, it lacks one detail that dramatically transform the look of a room, fill it with freshness and light - chandeliers.

We introduce you to the dazzling modelssuspended luminaires, which will be necessary emphasis in the interior. After all, you need not only light, but also a brilliant decoration, forcing guests to raise their heads and marvel at the beautiful aesthetics even when switched off.

Traditional design and classical forms never go out of fashion.

Living room with bright sofas

Bright accents of modern living, Vanessa De Vargas

In a world dominated by the right and clear lineslines, simple shapes of squares and rectangles, pendant lights, a sleek silhouettes, bring to the elementary geometry of the interior contrasts with flowing curves.

Carefully thought-out design, perfection andelegance - you will appreciate all the features of these lamps. Caviar, Caboche and Nelson can be called as a refined minimalism and classic. Decide for yourself by looking at examples of their use in practice.

Stylish gray room

Stylish dining room in a trendy gray, Morgante Wilson Architects

Elegant white lights over stairs

Stunning lighting create an amazing effect of weightlessness

Dining room with big beautiful chandelier

Focus on Saarinen Dining Table

The original chandelier over the table

Caviar Cluster offers a sophisticated space design, Andrea Schumacher Interiors

The original chandelier over the dining table

Chic and shine, KuDa Photography

Elegant Caviar Lighting Series

Created by an eccentric and talented designerLaura Kirar this chandelier gives the room a bold visual image. Laura studied sculpture and architecture, interior design at the Institute of Chicago, which had a strong influence on her work.

The discussed range includes chandeliers. the appearance of which varies from one lamp to the 18 glass balls. For an apartment or house lighting was not too bright, chandelier fitted with a frame made of polished metal pipes amazingly iridescent sheen.

Bedroom in white colors with a large bed

Replacing the traditional lamps in the bedroom, Abode Interiors

This option is in their own interest, because it allows you to break down stereotypes, setting an elegant lamp that hangs from the ceiling continuously. A great solution that complements the romantic atmosphere.

The bar in the bay window

The single version, Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly

As you can see, they are no less relevant in the classicalinterior, their charm and shining design makes full with complete composition. In addition, they help to focus attention on the need for a separate zone.

Bright living room with a large sofa, white carpet and original table

Decoration living room

The metal tube is in large glass bowls has another unique feature: in daylight, they are almost invisible and merge with the general background, but after the sunset, they come to life.

Glass popularity due to the fact that the type ofThis material is light and airy, not much upsets the balance in the room, and its dimensions allow use even in small spaces where you need to saturate the space with light and shine, without overloading the atmosphere.

An unusual chandelier over the table in the bay window with floor to ceiling windows

Bright and unobtrusively, DKOR Interiors

Especially looks nice lamp in combination with saturated scenery outside the window and a bright palette.

The bright dining room with bright crimson chairs

Sensual tango nine lampshades, Spinnaker Development

Stylish modern kitchen and dining room


The unusual design of the dining area

Surrounded by luxury, D for Design

Chandeliers Iconic Nelson

The name George Nelson is familiar to creativecircles, especially fans of casual style. Along with Charles Eames, he scored a personal touch to the medieval industrial design that does not lose popularity to this day.

Its most popular product - Coconut Chair andMarshmallow Sofa, and following his work seems really surprising, though very simple at first glance. These floating elements are somewhat similar to a UFO, these chandeliers quickly become as popular as his other creations.

A small dining area with stylish chandelier

Seating Area, dement harris

The spacious living room with fireplace and a column

Smart chandelier in the living room

Space two tiers of windows in a country house

Graceful dance, Foursquare Builders

Elegant shape and pure white color provides a harmonious blend of neutral tones with modern interior design.

Varying shapes - sphere, saucer, pear, lanternand a cylinder - create a special concept and appeal. A simple design and effective result combines both aesthetics and ergonomics.

The bright dining room with powerful accents

Beautiful dining room with a central focus, Kimberlee Jaynes

Functional living

Aesthetic of the functional art

Superb living room in bright colors

Exquisite trio, Dijeau Poage Construction

View of the dining room through a transparent wall

Current industrial area, LDa Architecture & Interiors

Entrance hall in a country house

Entrance to the house also has a right to be special, Metcalfe Architecture & Design

Stylish large living room

Use and chandeliers, floor lamp and one series, Tara Bussema - Neat Organization and Design

Magic sparkle Caboche

Foscarini have specific requirements for theirchandelier: it is not just light, and light creation with pure, touching emotions. It was created back in 2005 by Patricia Urquiola and Eliana Gerotto, and may be perceived either as a simple lamp, and as refined chandeliers.

Pretty tempting compromise, is not it? One has only to see how this model fits naturally in any environment and at once it becomes clear this contradiction.

Laconic functional interior

The ideal combination of modern interior

The large semicircular sofa in the bay window

Emphasis on the dining area in the bay window, Strickland Mateljan

Especially beautiful it looks on a background of natural light, its delicate contours and tiny spheres forming such an unusual, but amazing views that are sure to impress connoisseurs.

Please rate how strongly influences Caboche an existing design space, even if your plans are no complete redevelopment or repair.

Living in soft colors

Spectacular chill in the living room

White minimalist kitchen

The minimalist white color in the kitchen

Bathroom with wood trim

Wall-mounted option is available for the bathroom, Adeeni Design Group

Large master bedroom with elegant bed

Charming bedroom, Kelley Flynn Interior Design

The official modern interior

Superb series for the official spaces, Hufft Projects

Only that you saw interesting exampleslamps that are used in the interior, not only as a simple light source, but also as an additional decoration, relevant and contemporary and traditional styles.

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