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8 simple ways to organize the scattered lights in the house

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Today we present to your attentionexceptional recommendations on transformation of living space with unparalleled lighting systems, filling environment soft diffused glow.

This type of illumination is of high significance forapartment decor. Before installing it in your lodging, you must pay attention to the tips and tricks that will help you achieve a spectacular outer appearance of the interior.

Do you like warm or cold light? Lighting has a certain color temperature, which is measured in degrees Kelvin (K). Simply put, it refers to the way in which the radiance filled living space - in yellow or blue.

The choice of a certain type of bulbs depends on the effect you want to achieve when decorating the house:

  1. 2,700 K - warm and soft;
  2. 2,900 - 3,200 K - gold;
  3. 3,500 K - neutral;
  4. 4,000 K - imitation of natural daylight radiation;
  5. 5,000 K - cold.

Decide on your preferences. If you want to create in your apartment a rich and warm atmosphere or decorate their works of traditional art, the ideal solution would be the illumination simulating a candle. In addition, modern interior will perfectly complement the cool color temperature.

Use natural lighting through the installation of new windows and doorways.

Daylight forms in the decoration of warm and cozy atmosphere.

Ceiling lights in the living room interior

Living by Mark English Architects, AIA

Organize panoramic windows decor.

View on the natural environment is not only wonderful decorations transform the apartment, but also to fill it with the dazzling sunshine.

Tip: add a window on the south side of the house unusual to maximize illuminate the interior space.

Hanging lamp in the interior of the living room with an open view

Guest cabin from Studio Schicketanz

Reflect the natural radiation.

Mirrors allow you to not only visually increase the area of ​​apartments, but also filled the room blinding radiance and warmth.

Recommendation: Put a reflective surface opposite the window.

Table lamps in the living room interior

Designed by Judith Taylor Designs

Turn up the light.

In a room with one small window, use a snow-white tint palette. Mirrors on the sides of the window opening and will maximize natural lighting.

Tip: buy paint for home decor with high reflective properties. Bright, shiny colors absorb more shine and allow you to visually enlarge the room area.

Natural light in the interior of the living room

Design of Green Canopy Homes

Complete interior design of built-in lighting.

This illumination will not only bring to the decoration of soft diffuse glow, but also fill the atmosphere incredible comfort and warmth.

Recommendation: Set the built-in ceiling light bulbs in rooms with low level of natural lighting, to give them the brightness and comfort.

Ceiling chandelier in the interior of the living room

Living in a marine style from Darci Goodman Design

Consider the age factor and health.

As people age, they become moresensitive to light, which allows you to see fine detail. Table lamps can create a warm, uncluttered environment that is perfect for a peaceful and relaxing holiday. "]

Many people are sensitive to coverage for other reasons: because of migraines, epilepsy, receiving drugs.

Council: use special devices to control lights. Dimmers help create a unique and unmatched illumination system with different functional areas and levels of illumination.

Luxury chandelier in the living room interior

Design by Bravo Interior Design

Use in public areas dream home diffused light to bring the atmosphere of freshness and energy.

Recommendation: do not skimp on the guest cabin lighting and other social areas. Rational illumination of these zones will be able to bring the situation in incredible comfort and warmth.

Pendant lights in the interior of the kitchen

Kitchen by Venegas and Company

Play with the color, trim materials and placement of fixtures.

Tip: Use multiple lights to add to the individuality of the room apartments.

Ceiling lights in the interior of the room for guests

Guest cabin from Studio William Hefner

We present to you the eight ways to create stunning illumination system with diffuse glow that can fill the atmosphere of tenderness and creativity.

Do you like these ideas decor of talented artists? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below ...

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