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15 ways to give a room drama by a lamp

Modern lighting in the interior

The fixture has now become an integral part ofInterior, with which you can create different compositions. In this article we are talking about the use of spectacular light sources when selecting a certain light. To be specific, about 15 ways to make your home more expressive.

The lamp has an important function in the homeinterior. But the view of many, it only illuminates the space is out of date. Now, these elements create a cosiness in the house in addition to more light and shade desired design.

Use bright lights in an insidiouselements of decoration. Find them wider application than just space lighting. Lamps and lighting fixtures not only help set the mood light, but give the specific notes of the style.

Here are the most interesting fixtures that can enhance and illuminate the room sufficiently provocative ways.

Beautiful lighting in the interior space

The image of the giant drums

Thanks steel finish color lighting coal visually focused on the dishes, hanging on a brick wall. As a result, drum shade provides excellent light for the kitchen.

Delightful light in the interior of the room

Tiny bubbles. Dangling a cloud of bubbles covered space - a modern twist to the design of classic chandelier

The light in iridescent glass balls refracted, spilling magical warmth to the face of visitors at the table.

Wonderful lighting in the interior space

Merging with the wall! Simple sconces instantly disappear if they painted in the tone corresponding to the wall

This creates a minimalist space with light shades of interesting drawing, which will be a complete substitute for other outdoor ornaments.

Beautiful lighting in the interior space

Lighthouse. This brilliant column serves as an architectural beacon

Spectacular focus with the light on the stairs. When the lights of the lighthouse, every step is filled with light. And when fully extinguished, the lamp acts as a night light, exuding a soft glow.

Wonderful lighting in the interior space

Move over, companion! Sea urchin in the dining room. Here we see a new image of the famous over the lamp in the "satellite" style

Among slender "twigs" chandeliers are seen "bulbs" that illuminate the room, covering the wall, like a carpet of light "]
Bright light in the interior of the room

Repeat after me! This method resembles the effect of Andy Warhol's dramatic design in creating notok

Lamps, ranked perfectly illuminate long corridors. Paper lanterns give a gentle light. A democratic value does not ruin your wallet.

Beautiful lighting in the interior space

Lamp-sculpture. Home floor lamp in the living room consists of various elements

The lamp is combined with the rest of the furniture in the room. The base is part of the composition of the leather drums, not to stand alone.

Luxury lighting in the interior space

Swing. Adjustable pendulum lamp for reading is between the three windows and a dual job

Swing provide good lighting and act as reading lights, lying next to armchairs.

The original lighting in the interior space

Red color. Set of red lamps on a background of pale "strict" walls and antique wooden furniture looks great

The lamp provides light where it is needed, and is an outstanding device. Red tone perfectly merges into the overall picture.

Luxury lighting in the interior space

Hanging pendants. Stunning pendants excellent alternative to steel wall sconces in the bathroom

Unexpected fresh look. Pendants free wall space required, which can be used for hidden cabinets. Hang them at eye level is necessary for the desired illumination face.

Wonderful light in the interior of the room

Rich collection. Three clear globe lamp that is echoed, displaying a collection of living space

The lamp on the ceiling has simple clean lines that compete with the collections, without attracting too much attention.

Wonderful lighting in the interior space

Relationship. Elegant floor lamp combines sculpture and lamp

The subject of art with natural texture is perfect for traditional walls.

Fantastic lighting in the interior space

Candle. The chandelier of wrought iron in the form of candles in the bathroom creates an atmosphere of antiquity

Low lamp power conjures up the image of the flame.

An unusual light in the interior of the room

Bird's cage. Thin metal hanging device - an interesting focal point in this room

The shadows of the chandelier on the ceiling repeat filigree metal structure. In unison lamp - desk chair in gold color.

Dizzy lamp in the interior space

Origami. Eastern art has inspired the creation of the lamp in a beautiful focal elements in the dining room

When the light is switched on Origami it looks like a sculpture, floating in the air. When the light is lit, wavy folds disperse it with all sorts of colorful ways.

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