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11 simple ways to "rescue" the room without windows

Lighting design in the interior of the working area

In today's story, we introduce you tointeresting solutions for the transformation of interior design in a room without windows. You will learn how to use the French doors, white paint, draperies and other items to decorate the living space and create an attractive visual effect.

The room without windows looks depressed and dark, but you can easily transform it using simple by design techniques.

1. Mirrors.

The addition of these accessories in the furniture isone of the main ways simulation window effect because they are not only remarkably refract artificial lights, but also bring a sense of depth in the room.

In the space with a low ceiling, panoramic reflective surfaces can divert attention from the guests of the architectural features.

Table lamp in the living room interior

The project by Francesca Owings Interior Design

2. White wall decor.

The bright color palette in the interior of the room allows you to fill it with freshness and simulate natural sunlight. Choose a monochromatic range of wall and ceiling.

Table Lamp in the interior hallway

Making the basement by Rikki Snyder

3. A large number of works of art.

Amazing paintings and canvas painting in wooden frame diluted monotonous walls and create an optical illusion of the window opening.

Lamp in the interior of the living room

The modern design of the Mosaik Design & Remodeling

4. French doors.

Addition of the componentremarkably increases the space of the apartment. Use ceiling decor several fluorescent lamps with cold light, which will create the illusion of fluorescent lights.

Pendant lights in the interior of the playing area

The interior of the Dream House Studios

5. Concealed lighting.

LED strips in home decor cancreate a feeling of natural optical radiation. Try installing fixtures between the beams, behind furniture (eg, sofa) or next to the bookcase to make source shines more mysterious.

Lighting in the interior of a bedroom

Interior by Sanders Pace Architecture

6. Transom.

Another way to add architectural nonspecific source of light is the arrangement of the window opening between the hall and the adjacent bathroom.

Wall lights in the interior of the bathroom

Bathroom by Charlie Allen Renovations, Inc.

Transom above the mirror can also help to bring more light into the decoration of the shower stall.

Beautiful wall lights in the interior of the bathroom

WC by Cynthia Williams Architect

7. The internal frame.

These original designs to help visuallycombine different rooms, allowing light to be evenly distributed between them. To create a confidential space you can decorate the interior window openings drapes or blinds.

Candles as room lighting

Bedroom of Verandah House

8. Frosted glass.

Use it when you make the walls in the kitchen helps to hide the mess from prying eyes and softly filter the light.

Floor lamp in the dining room interior

Dining by Manuel Sequeira Architecture

9. Hidden lights.

Diode tape fitted on the edge of the kitchen units, will not only highlight the great work countertop, but also form the room cozy and aesthetic environment.

The lighting in the interior of the kitchen

Kitchen from raumdeuter

A similar effect can be achieved in a windowless basement, where the laundry is located.

Hanging lamp in the interior laundry

Laundry by McIntosh Poris Associates

10. The ceiling with the exposition

. An excellent way to light a dark hallway -This arrangement of the small hatch on the landing. Strong and safety glass transmits natural wonderful glow and perfectly transforms the atmosphere apartment.

Staircase in the interior of the home library

Ladder from McIntosh Poris Associates

11. Drapery in the full height of the wall.

Do you want to create the effect of the window? Use the flowing curtains to the headboard.

Hanging lamp in the interior of a bedroom

The bedroom on the Toronto Interior Design Group | Yanic Simard

This unique idea of ​​decor can beused elsewhere in the apartment or house. A white translucent fabric in combination with a mirror allows you to create the illusion of unparalleled window opening.

Table lamp in the interior of a home office

Cabinet from Tiffany Eastman Interiors, LLC

We present to you the delightfulsolutions and ideas for decorating the apartment with no windows, which can transform the great living space and fill it with a special charm. And you liked these creative ideas? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below ...

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