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10 simple tips how to choose shade

Delightful light in the interior of a bedroom

How to choose your favorite shade for the interior

How to choose a lampshade (suspension, wall, floor or table lamp), which would perfectly fit into the design and stressed stylish luxury or elegant simplicity?

Influence of light on the daily life andpsychological state of a man - a popular topic for study and discussion. Of course, this category is extensive and updated every day with new projects and ideas, so many more times will appear on our site.

This article is just a small part of it and offers you to listen to good advice.

Color accents room design

When choosing the type and shape, many are trying to comply withunity of style and colors. If the interior lacks brightness and specificity, listen to the advice of designers and you should look for bold configurations and juicy shades lampshade, which not only will be different from the rest of the decor, but also become the center of the composition.

If you want to add some new items, prefer a neutral palette.

Beautiful lights in the interior of the kitchen

The main task of a good lamp - the right to perform its functions

The ideal lamp or single whole

Looking for a chandelier in a mall, or a floor lampsconces, we pay special attention to design of the lampshade, and this is not the only significant detail: there is also the base of the ceiling in addition to the beautiful, which provides stability and is responsible for fixing.

Unfortunately, this element does not always lookaesthetically pleasing, so do not forget to evaluate the design completely, "from head to toe." And the base and cap should complement each other. Also keep in mind that the "correct" cover conceals fasteners or support without sacrificing functionality. This is especially true of table lamps.

Assessing the size and choose a color scheme

Almost all designers recommendations areto one thing: in any interior proportions must be respected. For example, in a small room unacceptable bulky items, depriving owners of free space and overlapping streams of light and air. Conversely, in a spacious room with high ceilings, small pieces will look ridiculous.

Before choosing a lamp, get to her place. Then focus on the shape, size and color scheme.

Amazing lights in the living room interior

Bright accents in the form of yellow lamps and a floor lamp for a stylish interior

Create a sunny mood

Everyone knows that the main function of the lampshadeIt is the soft dissipation of direct rays and the direction of the local light. But few people thought about the fact that the color and shape of the accessory can affect our mood.

For example, if you want to feel vibrantand open person, get a model that will ensure maximum coverage. Remember that the desired effect is achieved faster in the white space. If you want to create a peaceful atmosphere, giving a sense of security of, think about tinted lampshades.

In recent years, very popular originalfloor lamps, cast bizarre, sometimes even gradient shadows in the form of geometric patterns, graceful trees, fantastic colors ... Figured outlines radically change the mood and make differently perceive space.

In the same style

to this day remains the most Ceiling chandelierpopular form of suspended structures. Coming a long way since its inception, the suspension structure underwent significant metamorphosis, changing not only the material from which they were made, but also the form. Many retro return to the present configuration, becoming the basic concept of processing facilities.

Choosing a shade, we have no third-party adviceWe strive to find a solution that would be in harmony with the overall style of the house. A wide choice of chandeliers from many manufacturers to easily allow it.

Bright chandelier in the interior

The perfect shade reflects the style and mood of the interior

Lampshades in non-residential premises of an elegant look

The modern approach to the design of the house requiresattention to detail. By the design of the bathroom, dressing room, hallway, laundry room not imposed less stringent requirements than the main room, so choose for their lamps need no less carefully.

Note that the configuration simple and elegant look impressive, such as the photograph to project below.

A large lamp in the interior of a bathroom

Elegant lampshade for a stylish bathroom

The embodiment of style and taste home owners

Everyone knows that the design of the house - aexpression of the inner "I" of its owner. But that does not mean you have to limit yourself to express themselves in detail. You can decorate the space with the help of pictures, vases, figurines and cute personal details. But why not try yourself as a designer and create your own no shade for the living room? Help may be familiar eye objects.

A useful and free advice: Look around at the sides. What are the materials, textures and colors around you? If you decide to boldly express themselves, choose an option, strikingly different from them. You want to emphasize restraint and elegance? Prefer neutral shades and classic textures.

Unique lamps in the living room interior

Floral textile lampshade is an elegant living room with stylish decor

Safety first

It's no secret that any objectinterior should be safe. This is directly related fixtures. Meticulously inspect your favorite model. Evaluate the material from which it is made, how far from the walls of the ceiling lamp is whether there is the possibility of adjusting its position, etc.

No matter how attractive lampshade, if in doubt, it is better to abandon the purchase.

We fit the shape of the surrounding space

The geometry of objects plays an important role in creating a harmonious whole and the completed image. When choosing lighting for the room, pay attention to its shape.

Today, manufacturers offera wide range of lampshades: spheres, cylinders, drums, bells, polyhedra help to create the necessary atmosphere. Remember that the form not only affects the aesthetics, but also on the degree of illumination of the space and the visual effects of light and shade. Ideal Shade will meet all the parameters.

Hanging chandelier with a print in the dining room interior

The form of the lamp, as an important parameter in the design of the room

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