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10 photos of unique designer chandelier

Creative chandelier in the interior

Elegant and exquisite chandeliers play an important rolein the interior of any dwelling. They fill the space a lot of glare, are incomparable focal point in the room, and can also visually reduce the height of the ceiling and bring in a special environment aesthetics and charm.

Currently, these lamps aredifferent stylistic performance and shape made with unusual materials and designs. Today we present you the 10 variants of the exclusive and creative design pendant.

Chandeliers from the wooden beads are muchmore attractive than their counterparts from the crystals. This piece of furniture will look great in a little house by the sea or a country cottage in conjunction with an antique dining suite that can soften fine traditional furniture.

Wonderful pendant chandelier in the interior of the Candelabra

The classical model of the Candelabra

You will love the product designQuadralli from author Linear Chandelier. It will look great in harmony with the decorative accessories and works of art, but also equally aesthetically fit in a modern or traditional design. Each bowl was surrounded by canvases of white crepe and iridescent organza, which gives the apartment an incredible fascination and charm.

Hanging chandelier in the interior of zjn Alpha Design Group

Ultramodern room zjn Alpha Design Group

Oly Studio was the first manufacturer toHe made public in a different way to look at the chandelier. The company's specialists have made the original object of decoration and interior with exquisite silhouette, patina finishes and hanging wooden pendants.

Wonderful pendant chandelier in the interior from Layla Grayce

Peerless chandeliers from Layla Grayce

Designed in 1997 by master Ingo Maurer(Ingo Maurer), exclusive lamp looks like an explosion in a paper mill. Eighty white sheets are combined with metal wires. Some of them were declarations of love displayed in various languages, while others are left blank.

This unusual accessory will bring in furniture expressiveness and brightness, as well as fill the apartment charm and incredible creativity.

Beautiful hanging chandelier in the interior of Carey & Co

The dining room in the style of fusion of Carey & Co

This original accessory is expressive andconfused appearance. But it looks simply divine the correct setting. This lamp without ostentation or extravagance fill the apartment with natural charm of the interior design.

Amazing hanging chandelier in the interior of the Shades of Light

Models from Shades of Light

Will bring to the decoration of the room a special charm and elegance of decoration in a magnificent beach style. Interesting and incomparable shade was decorated with mother of pearl shells.

Excellent hanging chandelier in the interior by Stacy Bass Photography

The project by Stacy Bass Photography

This metal ceiling light with a refined silhouette and electrified candles looks great.

Cross pendant chandelier in the interior of the Horchow

Classic lights from Horchow

The model in this picture has a massive and elegant appearance, made with silver shells. It will perfectly complement any decor.

Beautiful hanging chandelier in the interior of Zuniga Interiors

Dining by Zuniga Interiors

Unique design with exquisite composition and eccentric in appearance, made with the use of thin metal rods, looks very original and creative.

The magnificent chandelier hanging in the interior of Abigail Ahern

Products from Abigail Ahern

Dutch design company Droogdevelops exceptional masterpieces since 1993. Her new light Milk Bottle continue this tradition with a unique and unparalleled appearance. Provocative and delicious products can be a good choice for any decoration.

Peerless hanging chandelier in the interior of EcoFirstArt

Modern lamps from EcoFirstArt

We presented you a greatdesign options for lighting products that capture the imagination and creativity of its brevity. And you liked these solutions and decor ideas from professional designers and constructors? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below ...

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