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Zoning by means of color and light

Today there are different methodsthe zoning of the space, but the most popular are: architectural zoning (it's all kinds of arches, walls, podiums and decorative designs) and visual space zoning by using color and light. Thanks to the latter decision, it is possible to avoid global redevelopment in the apartment.

We have already talked about the architectural solutions offered today, a closer look at the zoning of color and light.

Zoning using color

Color - a very important element of the interior, heis a kind of "calling card" of the whole space, complementing and emphasizing the basic style of the apartment. Also, according to psychologists, a good choice of color palette can improve mood and even increase the efficiency of the tenants.

All colors are divided into two groups:

warm (from yellow to red-violet). WARM room adds comfort and convenience, but visually reduces the space. cold (from purple to yellow-green). "Cool colors" will help to visually enlarge the room, add to it a certain spaciousness and "air". 2 1

Zoning by light

A huge role in the zoning of the space plays -light, it may be an artificial or natural light. The traditional source of natural light are the windows and balconies. Artificial lighting can be of three types:

General - visually unites space(Eg, various chandeliers and wall lights), local - thanks sconces, floor lamps and table lamps can get directional light. decorative - this type of illumination helps to focus on a particular interior (eg, lighting, paintings or niche)

In order to emphasize and to saturate the color scheme additionally used colored lights, or individual elements of interior the entire premises.

Using the above methods for the zoning of all the rooms in the interior:

Zoning bedroom using color and light

Through color and light decisions, bedroomIt can be divided into relaxation area and sleeping area. There is a possibility that part, which is designed for relaxation, "illuminate" brighter, thus visually moved into the shadows a place to sleep. For example, if a bedroom, boudoir, you enhance the effect of intimacy berth will help selection of a more subdued palette in bed arrangement zone and bright colors can visually separate boudoir. If we are talking about bedroom-office, the installation of an additional source of light in the work area, and choosing the right color (for example, scientists claim that red, orange and yellow colors excite and increase efficiency) will help to equip a home office.

Zoning nursery with the help of light and color

Gambling zone can be brighter and morecolorful than the other zones. Training is the place to be very well lit during the day fit and natural light (eg, light from the window), and in the evening will help the artificial light source (a table lamp or a sconce). With a choice of colors in the nursery should be extremely careful, because too bright colors in the nursery can cause a child's negative feelings. Popular children's neutral colors - light walls neutral colors such as beige, cream, pale pink, light green or pastel blue.

Zoning living room using color and light

Color in the interior will be divided on the premisesdifferent parts. For example, in the kitchen-living space, where the lunch and reception, it is possible to paint cheerful tones, and a recreation area - a dark and relaxing. If it is a living room-bedroom, the space dedicated to sleep, it can be darker and relaxing, and the reception area - colorful and brightly lit.

Zoning bathroom with the help of light and color

Often found in the bathroom option, in whichpripotolochnye lights are hidden behind the walls placed special projection, this method increases the amount of visual space and emphasizes the beneficial configuration space. The color of the separated arrangement bath area and "vanity" area. Thus, due to zoning bathroom, in the same area can be washbasin, bidet, toilet and bath.

Zoning the kitchen with the help of light and color

In the case of kitchen improvement - the dining room thereopportunity, hanging low over the dining table lamp, isolate the table from the rest of the space. For the working area, you can choose additional sources of light, all kinds of electric lamps and additional lamps. If the wall near the dining room table to brighten (or even play on the contrast), the visually place for lunch will be separated.


Properly selected and installed colorlighting can not only adjust the geometry of the room, but the mask that should be left in the shade, as well as create the necessary accents in the interior, while distinguishing between the different areas.

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