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Zoning of one-room apartment

The family, which lives in a studiothe apartment is very little options for redevelopment of residential space in a small room. But this is not a reason to be upset, there are many ways to effectively use and functionally square meters, even a small apartment with a view to it for each family member found his corner. For such purposes, it is best suited techniques of zoning spaces and zoning studio in particular.

Regulations effective zoning studio

1. The use of light colors.
It is often a feeling of spaciousness dependsnot on the room volume, and by skillfully selected colors in the interior. Bright colors add lightness, volume and visually enhance even the smallest apartment. The illusion of spaciousness will help to create ceilings, lighter than the walls and the flat ceiling lighting.

2 Podiums, arches, screens, shelves, sliding partitions
The ideal solution for zoning "odnushki". All of these options are very well shared an apartment on the area, adding functionality to it, but it does not reduce the space.

3. Mirrors
The zoning studio perform an important role - mirrors. Thanks to an optical illusion mirroring, it is possible to expand the visual space.

4. Furniture
The task of separating the space perfectlycopes well-chosen furniture. The basic rule when choosing furniture - it is its functionality, compactness and mobility (pull-out bed, hidden containers for items, sofa bed). Besides the main problem (storage) and furniture can also visually divide the territory into zones.

5. Balconies and loggias
To expand the space you can use the balconies and loggias. After the insulation and glazing of these zones significantly increases the total area of ​​the apartment.

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Most popular situation zoning

Situation 1: in a studio apartment, one or more persons

In this case, the flat should be at leastfour zones: "area to sleep," "working area", living room and kitchen. You can try to use one of the most popular solutions for today - studio apartment. A number of design techniques can visually "lift" ceiling, "increased" the entire space.

The Examples include use ofglossy fabric on the ceiling, wall decorations in the vertical plane of the lower illumination angles, paintings and lamps "extended" forms, contrasting colors. The main rule for such a design - the minimum and maximum space partitions. Studio apartment ideal for young people, and craving for everything new and unconventional help to arrange private accommodation as comfortable as possible.

Methods zoning studios:

Accents light. For example, a brightly illuminated the central part of the living room and bedroom and kitchen have more sources of scattered light. Relief transitions. The traditional technique - lift the sleeping area on the podium (optional drawers can be built containers). Zoning by means of various elements of the interior, construction - tanks, columns, shelving units, screens, bar. This method is often used in the design of the bedroom and kitchen. Using different materials for the floor. For different areas using materials of different colors and textures. Also, you can group items of furniture or decoration in one zone using floor rugs. Furniture-transformer helps to optimize the space in the apartment and change the functional load of the interior elements, depending on the time of day. A classic example: the bed - a sofa. In the morning - this is the place for guests and in the evening - a bed to sleep. There are options such as a sofa bed and a wardrobe-bed, which in the daytime play the role of furniture in the living room and in the evening becoming an integral part of the bedroom. 1 1 4 1

Situation 2: The family with a small child lives in a studio apartment

Before the family with a small child is an importanttask - to plan an apartment so that the parents and the child zone area were multifunctional and comfortable. For the children's area highlighted is the warmest and lightest part.
And as the child grows, his personalarea will be expanded and modified. While the baby is very small it needs a crib and changing table, but when it grows up a little - and even play area.

Methods zoning studio apartment for families with children:

Screens, or curtain around the cot allowcreate a cozy place to sleep, which does not penetrate the glare. Different wallpaper coloring or token coverage to help children in the zoning of the space. Another solution for such an apartment is to install sliding doors in the kitchen, so you can talk without waking the baby. 5 1 2 1 1 1 1 1

Situation 3: one-room apartment in the family lives with the child at school,

The main task of the student - diligent student, and parents - to arrange for the child comfortable place to study, sleep and rest. Possible solutions to this problem in a one-room apartment:

Furniture transformer. For example, a case-table will allow the student to place books and notebooks in the cabinet and at the same time be able to put forward or lay out on the table while doing homework. Podiums. Children's visually separated through the frame structure that lifts the floor. Lifting height can be anything from a few centimeters to half a meter. In the latter case, you can consider additional steps that will allow households to move comfortably. Children's corner. It may consist of a bunk bed, closet storage and a place to practice. And all this - one design, small portable house for the child and a very convenient solution to the problem of organization of the interior one-bedroom apartment for a family with a child. 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1

Typically, in a standard one-bedroom apartmentThere are two separate rooms - a kitchen and a bedroom. The difficulty lies in the fact that it is necessary to allocate between these rooms also feature a seating area and workspace. It is desirable to divide the additional functions equally between the rooms, so as not to overload one of them.

Options functional distribution zones in this apartment a few:

• The bedroom-living room (for example, you can put a sofa - bed) and kitchen-room (dining table and performs the role of the workplace).

• bedroom-workplace (something in the style of "small home office") and kitchen-living room (if the kitchen is large enough, it can fit on a sofa next to the dining table).

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