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The war of the sexes. Her and His view of home decor

Three, two, one: the battle has begun! It is a war in the selection of home decor - women against men. If your partner is fully trusts you the right to choose any decor element, never criticizes perfect your purchase, do not contradict and is not really ... it happens in real life? :) If your partner looks at how one or the other thing is to look at home diverge, follow these tips to create a stylish space that is ideal for both men and women.

Remember one word - compromise

If your arguments sound to you not less thanconvincing arguments than your partner for him (or her), there is only one way to a peaceful resolution of the conflict - compromise. Too often, the word compromise is seen in a negative light. But in the world of home decor, the compromise means "mixture", instead of "victim". Neither you nor your partner should not change its style for the sake of choice. Instead, find out what traits like you and your partner to individually selected things (color, texture, pattern, etc.) and then combine the best of both "worlds" together.

War polov.Ee and look at home decor

War polov.Ee and look at home decor

War polov.Ee and look at home decor

The final choice - a neutral zone

Michelle Hinckley, blogger site 4 Men 1 Lady (4men 1 woman) is not alien feeling of the minority when choosing anything. Being a wife and mother of three boys, she shared a house with four men. "Teach my men not to treat our house as a bachelor lair - not an easy task, especially in terms of the selection of colors and the content of the house clean. If cleanliness and order, we still have some problems :), then the first question - the selection of colors for every room and every new thing - we were able to handle peacefully. We just all have realized that neutral colors are ideal and popular for both men and women. "

"I have children (and they are all boys), and youmay think that white - the most inconvenient of all possible colors for us. Surprisingly, it is much more "family" than you might think, "Michel explains.

"With the chaos that is happening in the family, whitecalming space and does not cause the load sensor. White covers are also very practical - you can wash them using bleach, not only to keep them clean, but also to kill all the germs that might be in the house, "Michelle defends his choice.

The war of the sexes. Her and his view of the home decor

War polov.Ee and look at home decor

The man is always right, and a woman is never wrong

There are stereotypes that still apply toMost couples who say that a man better versed in matters of practicality and functionality, and a woman - in combinations of colors and patterns. Listen to the opinion of the partner may, in his arguments have valuable grain, which will save you from the ill-considered purchase.

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