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Transform a small apartment in a stylish housing 7 design techniques

Meet the man who bought the apartment anddid not want it to change something, well, it is very difficult, because each of us has certain tastes, habits and needs, according to which we adapt the own housing. We offer today to consider design options is standard, small apartments and learn with the help of some tricks in them, you can create a totally unique and stylish interior.

As examples for this article we publish photos of the interiors of apartments with an area of ​​not more than 65-70 m, which means that our readers will be easier to apply in practice advice set out below.

Designer interior in a small apartment

Expansion prstranstva using color

Sometimes, a special floor planno complaints, but living in it for several years in a row, you have a feeling that the interior no longer be functional, and becomes bland and boring. In this case, first of all, should refer to the color - it will create a mood, and help to organize the space.

In small one- and two-bedroom apartments do not use different colors for each of the rooms and ancillary facilities!

Instead, it is better to choose a pair of shadescolor (eg, blue or green) and apply them to combine the space of the living room with a kitchen, or a bedroom and a bathroom. Thus, the apartment will seem more spacious and much more harmonious.


Now we need to focus onseparate functional areas, which are often divided between one space, at best, two rooms. So, living at the same time can be a bedroom, study or library, and highlight the purpose of each subject will help color companion for your selected combining shades.

For example, in the living room with the turquoise color of the walls, inwork area (or library with the rack) to set the appropriate white or black furniture; recreational area, select a neutral sofa with crimson cushions, supplement it with a small rug with a graphic pattern.

In general, the principle of operation lies in the fact that by a certain color zoned space, creating in him the necessary volume and sculptural.



Simple shapes and noble materials

The decision to use in interior design, natural materials and sturdy texture, you are a long time will provide a stylish, rooms-to-date image of your own small apartment.

At the same time, it is important that materials such as leather, wood, metal, fur, glass and stone, were used in the form of objects and accessories simple forms with clear concise lines without excess.

Regardless of the dimensions of the apartment, in the spaceIt will always look harmonious and modern at the same time, warm and comfortable, if the emphasis on natural textures and natural color combinations.




Properly plan

In order to design the interior,Suppose apartment with an area of ​​40 square meters. meters, it is necessary to work with incredible precision, because in a small space is necessary to arrange a place for all major functional areas.

By the way, we should not forget about aesthetics, but becausebetter to use the services of a designer - only a specialist can help arrange an apartment so that it now has a place for relaxing, cooking and eating, working, wardrobe, thus, make the atmosphere light and beautiful.



Apartments with very high ceilings (up to 4m)should try to reorganize so that the use of high-capacity space as much as possible. For example, it is possible to build a structure mezzanine floor, and place it on a sleeping area. As a result, you get a free base area, which set the other, no less important pieces of furniture.


Save the nature

Today, vintage furniture, lightingdevices and accessories are a real trend in the world of interior design. Therefore, it is not recommended to get rid of them, but to give a new life (sanding, paint, repair), and re-use, combining modern materials and glossy texture.

For your own kitchen in a small apartment studioyou can use bentwood chairs - they perfectly fit even the most minimalist interior and tech. In the living room, hang a mirror on the wall old stained patina on amalgam, hang a chandelier with a wooden base and place in the corner of a roomy dresser with antique knobs.

Mixing old and new in the right proportions, will lead to the fact that your fashion and original apartment will marvel.




We use the details of the industrial style

Style loft, or industrial, is becoming more popular with each passing day, it is not surprising, because it reflects the free spirit and the lack of stereotypes which guided our generation recently.

Today, not only young people, but also the older generation increasingly chooses the characteristics of interior design loft for living rooms, including in small apartments.

If you wish to join one of those who is not afraid to build housing for original, follow these guidelines:

Free planning: appartment and a living room - a bedroom Release the window from the heavy curtains, let in light, but better - expand the window openings Obsheyte ceiling metal sheets can be perforated walls decorate colorful art canvas on stretcher Use textured lamps, such as metal, or on long cords Like brickwork - a fragment thereof would be relevant not only in the kitchen or hallway, and bedroom or work area.




add graphic quality

You should not fear that the contrastgeometric patterns will make a small room restless and very active. But if you feel the need for such dynamics - safely use zigzags, stripes, square, rhombus, or a combination of different motifs simultaneously.

In a small hallway, you can oblitsevat tile floorthe optical patterns that "dilute" gender boundaries, and visually make the area a little more in the bedroom geometry and complex motives encouraged as the skin headboard, for bedding and upholstery soft puffs couple in the kitchen-living room-contrast graphic inserts liven up the area of ​​the apron, and table cloth with thin black stripes complement the ensemble.



Speaking of black, its presence ina small number of very positive effect on the perception of the interior, including the aesthetic. For example, in the bright little flat black may simply be necessary to add a sculptural, make the interior an original and elegant.

If you paint the legs of a wooden chair in a black color, and monochrome photo frame a narrow black frames - the space becomes more interesting.


Dive into the gray

It is said that among the large number of possiblegrayscale everyone can choose the color for you. It goes without saying that the interior of the apartment can be turned into a center of elegance and style, using the correct gray tone, moreover, that color will never go out of fashion not only changed his preferences for colors.

Contents apartment with the advantage of gray shadesIt can be for a family with a child, for a man, or a young girl, because the color is so adaptive that his background advantageous to look graceful silhouettes and brutal material.

It sounds great in a gray interior naturaltree as a light and dark wood color combined with metal objects shiny silver decor, warm copper or gold-colored elements Gray friend of green, red, and, white, gold, pink, wood, black and chocolate. Surrounded by gray look incredibly stylish accessories made of wool, fur, velvet on the background of gray walls equally well it looks in a mirror forged black or glossy white frame.




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