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Sill in the interior

Average windowsill can be a veryfunctional element interior, and will serve as, for example, a workstation or a storage area. We will give you some interesting and useful ideas use the sill area, which is possible to beat with great benefit.

Sill - bar

Area under the window in the kitchen or living room, you canto equip the place for friendly gatherings, where there is enough room for two to four people (depending on the size of the window sill). It is appropriate to make the bar and set it as an extension of the sill, on the brackets. A pair of high stools complement and emphasize a relaxed atmosphere.

Under the window sill in the apartments madeinstalling central heating radiators, but if you plan a larger countertop, be sure to do it just above the perforated radiator. Since hot air will be free to go up, getting through the hole in the window sill.


Such different sill2

Sill - sink

Doing washing dishes, or wash afterwaking up, looking at the scenery outside the window - you can become a daily privilege. To do this, combine the sink with a window sill in the kitchen or bath (if the window is provided in it).

Transfer windows shell in the area will help youincrease the total working surface area of ​​the kitchen, because the window sill need to be combined with a cutting table top, which can not fail to please the hostess.


Sill - table

Desk is always necessary, especially if youwork at home, or in the family have children of school age students. But to establish a full desk, sometimes simply is not possible due to a lack of free space in a small apartment.

To help with this daunting task can sillin the bedroom, living room or children's, enlarged to the size of a standard countertop table. If desired, it can be placed under a low cupboard with drawers, or hang additional shelves for books and stationery.


Sill - sofa

Convert wide windowsill in fullseat, according to experts - is a great idea. It appears unusual in the room sitting area, and you can do without the purchase of additional furniture.

We hasten to note that the transformation of the sill inupholstered bench or mini-sofa with cushions is only possible if the windows are quite high, and begin at the level of 40-50 cm from the floor. Notice how comfortable looks sill-bench in the bay window, pictured below. Framed black-out curtains, is a favorite place for reading, needlework or tea with friends.


Podokonnik- lounger for your pet

For those who care not only about their own,but also for the welfare of your pet, like the idea of ​​creating special conditions for it on the windowsill. As an example, it is possible to arrange a soft pouf-lounger for the cat, or create a game set for furry pet.

Owning dogs is recommended to build a roomconstruction stages, because, unlike cats, doggie can not jump to a height, so get your couchette it will be difficult without help.



The idea for small rooms: drawers for underwear, garments, bedding - under the sill, which can be decorated on top of the countertop decor, put a vase or a book.

This way of using the window areaIt saves space and is suitable also for large bedrooms, children's and other rooms where it is important to maintain a free area, without cluttering it unnecessary furniture.


Sill - rack-rack

Make a note of the idea of ​​reincarnation on the ordinary sill in the living room, children's room, kitchen or dining room, in a functional and spacious closed cabinet or open rack.

If you need furniture to accommodatea large number of books, dishes, decorative accessories and so on, but to install bulky furniture that closes the wall, you do not want - remember that all the necessary things can be arranged on the construction of shelves mounted under the windowsill.



What could be more natural than fresh flowers,stretching to the sun? Positioning green plants in pots should be closer to daylight, which means that the window on the window sill. But if the colors are many, and it is quite small and narrow, you can either increase the windowsill, or attach one or two additional shelves around the opening, or even set across it (but so that the plants do not shut down the light coming into the room from the window, completely) .

Incredibly beautiful look live plants on the windowsill bay - they seemed to emphasize its architectural lines.


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