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We often make excessive demands onthings, people and the surrounding living space. Considering options for the purchase of apartments in front of the most suitable of them, we have long speculated on how well will be placed over the years accumulated items in a small area of ​​the standard one- or two-room housing.

At the same time, do not give quietly to bed worryingthe thought of having the separation of a small-sized space into separate functional areas, so that no one has been deprived of a full sleeper and the workplace.

We strongly recommend not to get upset about the apparent impossibility of organizing space prematurely, because in this you are sure to help partitions:

Septum in the interior called litewall with a width of 5 to 15 cm. You can erect walls during construction (guided by the plan), remodeling or repair. With the construction of partition walls is not necessary to fracture the surrounding planes and surfaces, it requires only partially dismantle the flooring. The barrier may look completely different: to be high (from floor to ceiling) and narrow; wide, but take no more than 2/3 of the height of the room; a low (less than average human height). Depending on the intended interior partition can be quite interesting, in terms of design, object, thanks to the facing material and the style of its design.

Materials for building walls

A significant advantage of interior walls is the relative ease and no long construction time, since, if necessary, and a strong desire, it is possible to build one or two days.

In addition, you can choose these options: order the finished product (for example, from the forging or glass), to employ builders who do their work quality, or do construction partitions own.


Traditional materials are always the most popular among buyers of building materials because of their high quality, proven, and many generations, will not make a doubt.



Easy styling, material availability and price of binder solution, opportunities for further decoration surface of the baffle.


Quickly erected a brick partition in the future will be difficult to disassemble without leaving thick clouds of construction dust, dirt and piles of garbage.

The interior of the small room brick partition will look heavy and depressing, so it should be to build in a large room.


Natural and all the usual stuff with a high quality and aesthetic characteristics.



The presence of glass walls make the interior visually "easier". Frosted glass hide what should not see extraneous, leaving only a vague silhouette.


The need for ongoing systematic surface cleaning can be a bit puzzling.


The tree will fit into any style of interior, becoming a visual accent the room.

contemporary-living-room (2)2


Quality, aesthetics, wide range of colors and a great opportunity for the material embodiment of unusual ideas is sure to delight.


In case of incorrect treatment of wood, the partition may appear unsightly cracks and make pests spoiling the appearance and quality of the material.


The metal used for manufacturing of forgedelements or integers decorative webs, as well as a lining material for brick walls. But, still, thin metal blade is more like the screen and often used in the interior as a full decorative element.

contemporary-living-room (1)


You can order a partition on the author's sketchesor choose from the catalog. Installation will not take a lot of time and does not require much effort, especially if you will be perfect salon professionals.

Suitable for design and zoning of large and small premises for different purposes, so it looks like easy, nice and always appropriate.


If you install a metal ornateseptum, suppose in the kitchen, the bold, hard-hitting touch, soon will have an effect, but cleaning a thick wrought "drawing" will require you and the time and effort, and money.

partition functions

If there is no urgent need to establishpartitions in a particular room, it is better to abandon the idea. But when the need for them every day more tangible, you should schedule a similar item in your home.

So, if you do not live in a spacious mansion,a total area of, on average, about 300 square meters, but in a small cozy city apartment, competently organize its space to it appeared a couple of additional areas may be using partitions.


The partition of bricks will be particularly relevant in the problem of the division of space into separate functional areas, for example, a working kitchen and a guest to relax.

The solid glass fabric walls, enclosed in a wooden or metal frame, can be erected in the studio apartment, separating, for example, sleeping area from the living room, hall and dining room.

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By the way, dense curtains around the inner perimeter wall partitions help in the problem of privacy and protection from incoming light from the outside.


Stationary brick walls should beto provide, for example, in the bedroom, which smoothly into the bathroom. Here, such a "wall" and is useful as a zoning element of the interior, and as a screen location for the mirror on it, installing sinks and associated facilities.


Using the interior walls is very convenient when it is necessary to isolate some of the zones of the room light, water, or noise.


Thus, in the nursery, where two or more children live, you can position the partition so that the light from the night working lamp over the bed of the child does not interfere with sleep another.

modern-bathroom (1)

By creating a small work area or smallaccount in the common space of one room, you can use a glass partition that did not receive the sounds interfere with careful use of the computer.

Without a transparent or opaque glass partitioncan not do in a combined bathroom, both of which are two. Besides, light partitions will protect against splashing water and suds during hygiene.

The visual separation

Most screens than partitions, they noneStill very useful when you need to gently point out the purpose of the different zones in the same room. Lightweight translucent design between the entrance and seating areas will help to understand your visitor that here you need to remove and place the outer clothing and shoes, and there - comfortably accommodate, treating afternoon tea.


The barrier may look like a bookcase, oreven rack, shelves, which, you will get items needed in a particular area: in the kitchen - utensils and cookbooks in the corridor - decorative objects, in the living room - boxes, figurines and other collections.


Types of partitions

Openwork partition

May be made of metal (forging)glass, wood (painted, varnished). Suitable for accurate, very aesthetic separation of bedrooms and baths, bedroom and dressing room, dining room and living room, kitchen and dining room, living room and hallway, the library and office.

contemporary-bathroom (1)1



Are convenient if you want to periodically (at the timesleep or work) completely retire. The most convenient mobile doors - compartment on the rails and hinges, which are often positioned between the living room and bedrooms, an office and a corridor, etc.


Cornice mounted below the ceiling, it is useful when you need to quickly and easily isolate, zadergivaya interior blinds, as an alternative to stationary partitions.



This type of partition is good in the room kitchen-living room: visually combining different zones, they will not let odors penetrate preparing dishes from one space to another.


With transparent partitions you separate the bathroom from the toilet area and the shower from the vanity.



Bear the function of decorating the room, notplaying a significant role. Mounted usually tightly adhering to the surfaces of the walls or in the middle of the room, as an object of design ideas, according to the interior style (oriental, avant-garde, modern, high-tech and others).


To create a decorative partitions specialists use a variety of materials and objects with interesting characteristic texture (wood, glass, plastic, metal, stone, cloth).



Sometimes in the same room it is necessarythe use of multiple partitions to indicate different functional areas (cooking, reception, rest and sleep, walk-in closet organization). Therefore, it is possible to build a fixed partition between rooms with a certain specificity (kitchen and dining room, for example) and to separate the bedroom from the dressing room or the living room by a sliding system.

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