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The best quotes from Kelly Hoppen book "Golden Rules design. Kelly Hoppen Style "

Kelly Hoppen - one of the best, in my opinion,interior designers. Her style - elegant, quiet, unobtrusive. He does not scream. He is so self-sufficient, without further shocking wins for its simplicity and brevity. I will not wordy - just want to bring to your attention a statement made by me, from her wonderful book "Golden Rules design. Kelly Hoppen Style ". Graphic material accompanying quotes - photos of different projects Kelly Hoppen.

About taste
The concept of style and taste is very conditional. It's not that some have good taste, while others do not, but the fact that it is suited to each individual.


About contrasts
The natural world is that I love - contrasts. My design is based on a grid scheme and symmetry - and ordered to built a linear world. However, if all that I like sometimes to turn all by blowing a frozen form of a variety of asymmetric elements.

A combination
I like to mix very expensive and very cheap materials - they will only win.

About light
More than a design element, lighting can radically change the atmosphere of the space.

On accents
The main problem - to define the visual centerroom, the main place where the eye focuses. It can be furniture, work of art, a large mirror or a special form of the luminaire. This is not just furnishings, are items that are designed to be the most noticeable accent in the interior.

About the concept
No materials or expensive furniture does not make the home livable, if its design is ill-conceived from the start. This differs from the designers decorators.

About plumbing
The bathroom is not necessary to mix colors sanitary products. For example, you simply can not set the white and black bath sink. The result will be more disastrous than the original.

About hallway
Halls - your business card. As soon as the visitor crosses the threshold of your home, it immediately gets the impression on your style, taste, after all, from yourself.

The scale
Using items of different sizes gives the room a certain character and attractiveness. Violation of the scale in one direction or another - the reception, which is used throughout the centuries.

On the visual effects
In a small room, use several large objects. They create the illusion of more space.

About the color and texture
I noticed that in design books havethe tendency to separate the color from the texture. For me it makes no sense. As you can choose the color scheme without taking into account the elements of texture and their effect on light and shadow? How can I choose the invoice separately from the color range of its environment? They should only think through together.

About color nuances
A common misconception is that the colors are divided onlyinto two categories - cold and warm. The secret is to teach the eye to distinguish between heat painted white and cool white, and the same did with the other colors.


About my favorite gray-brown
Gray-brown - perfect neutral, it is not too warm and not too cold; it is not too attracts attention and not too nuisance; it is harmonious, calm and quite in the style of Zen.

On white
White - the color is very malleable. The only color, which I would have refused in white colors - a black, looking here too sharp. Black picture frame - an exception, as they create a graphic pattern on the background wall.

On a snap
If you want to make your home different from all the other lights - that's where to look for individual dwellings.

About textiles
Most believe that the design only isto create an overall look of the room, but rather, it is responsible for the overall look of the room. This fabric creates a mood, so the starting job, I first of all, choose a fabric.

About cushions
Pillows can buy all the mental and sizesforms. Large floor cushions instantly create a feeling of freedom and youth, and arranged in a series of square pillow cause a feeling of order and rigor.

About decorating
You can have everything in the house, dreamed about, but if you do not have time to carefully and deliberately arrange it adornments, he will never look right.

About niches
Niches are good for the nomination of one or two exclusive items, or for the collection of identical objects. Do not expose in a niche too many objects or items, different height and configuration.

On the shelves
The most elegant option, I think hanging shelves without stand, they do not distract from the look of things exposed to them. I think this information will be useful to you.
And those who are imbued who impressed above and burning eyes in an effort to create a new design of his house - here, or just to refresh the decor - here.
In my practice, I have not once used the techniques Kelly Hoppen. And I want to tell you - it makes sense to listen to them.

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