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How to hide an ugly view from the window: 8 of original solutions

What if the windows in the apartment located on a busy highway, or the accumulation of industrial and concrete monsters, and the overall picture of the windows unpleasant?

We offer several new options to improve the view from the window:

Shelves against the window. This decision will not only correct view, but also usefully involve near-pane space. It is better to plan ahead and make a removable shelf, so they do not interfere with window washing. On the shelf you can put pots with a tsvetmi and collection of ceramic plates, vases, plates and other decorative elements.

View from the window

Suspended bottles or vases with flowers. Now decor stores you can see quite a lot of decorative glass containers, which are ideal for our purposes. They can be placed fresh flowers and artificial. The main rule - a vase should be small in size and light enough water needs to be updated often, pouring just a little bit at the bottom, so as not to burden the structure. Particularly striking against the window look vessels made of transparent colored glass. At Easter you can replace the vases on eggshells.


Hanging pots. Flowerpots in pots can stir not only open onto balconies or terraces, they can also be put up on the horse from both sides of the street, and from the premises. Installation and maintenance tips


Light tulle and curtains Busen. Lightweight semi-transparent tulle - a traditional way of masking the view from the window. But this way of window decor is a little outdated, experts advise to try something new. For example, the story of the curtain beads, beads or crystals. Curtains made of beads and beads you can buy or make yourself.

Suspended bottles or vases with flowers.

Blinds. These curtains can both be bought in any supermarket construction and order for tailoring. Ease of installation and brevity have made them a favorite of many housewives. Options fabric, "transparent", "dimaut" and "day-night" passed the most daylight masking the view from the window.

How to disguise views

Stickers on the glass. The main advantage of such a decoration - the ease of installation. Once the "views" tired, it's easy to replace with a new one. There are many design options: floral ornaments, objects, faces, animals and so on. This method of masking is ideal for a child's room.

How to disguise views

"Winter Garden" on the window sill. Beautiful plants will become an excellent alternative to curtains, and at the same time least favorite will cover the landscape outside the window. Home greenhouse or florarium will be pleasing to the eye at any time of the year. Especially good in these cases, higher plants, such as orchids.

How to disguise views

Stained-glass windows. Vivid "picture" of the glass pieces will be a wonderful decor and close the view from the window. This choice can be a real highlight of the interior design in classic style.

How to disguise views


If the repairs in the apartment has already been made and the only thing that upsets - a view from the window, do not worry. One of our tips will definitely cope with this problem.

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