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How to combine different types of metals in the same room

Metal, if used in a residential interior,is capable in the future is largely affect the atmosphere of the room, making it cold and aggressive or, alternatively, covered with aura elegance and taste. Both the first and second option depends entirely on the feelings of moderation, which can not be forgotten when working with a material such as metal.

If you are interested in this article, then chances are you are in search of answers to the question of how best to combine the different metals in the space of one room.

The metal in the interior

Before use of metal objects,you need to soberly assess the size of the selected room. So, in a spacious, bright room is cold, in every sense, the material can coexist quite well with other objects with warm textures of fabrics and wood. But when it comes to a small room, do not get too eager to focus on metal objects, will be enough to use a few decorative accents, such as candlesticks or table lamps.

When in the room you plan to use items from different kinds of metals, vzhivutsya the image of the interior they are most harmoniously, if it is:


Furniture, decorative panels, floor covering made of this material are a natural contrast to the cold metal.

Warm shades

If you are a fan of metal, and are readyto apply them in the design of their homes, mostly warm gamma premises will contribute to a warmer image than cool colors used in the facing surfaces.


A good solution, for example, a beautiful wrought-iron cornice framing the window opening or delicate chandelier made of copper, which, nevertheless, gives visual warmth.

The combination of dark and light metals

The contrast of colors in the interior design is very important, because it can be used to create a stylish image and a non-trivial space.

Try to combine the dark - gray or blackmetal objects with light, lightweight, for example, iron, stainless steel or cast iron, steel and aluminum. By the way, thus it is possible to create composite accents in one of the functional areas of the room, or use them only for the purpose of zoning space.

Option 1: The composite group of objects with elements of dark and light metals


Option 2: from light metal objects in a kitchen area of ​​ferrous metals - in the dining room.

traditional-kitchen (6)

Selecting similar textures

When choosing home furnishings and décor from different kinds of metals, you can try to create harmony by using the same room, for example, shiny surface.

For example, facades and enclosures of some itemslarge and small household appliances are made of titanium (characteristic silvery - white), and if these are installed in your kitchen is ideally complement them will be able to different lighting or stainless steel utensils (silver), as well as beautiful pewter figurines (silver metal ).

traditional-kitchen (8)

Combine this way, you can iron ceiling panels with steel-colored hanging lamps and fittings made of aluminum.


Focus on copper

From copper produce very beautiful objectsinterior parts or certain objects. This metal may look quite decorative and, at the same time, successfully combined with other species, such as iron or silver. But combining them in the same room, it should be remembered that the attention is better to focus on any one of them, in this case, namely copper, leading other metals to second place.

In the center of the living room (fireplace, on his table)You can put a beautiful copper vases, trays and candlesticks, which will bring the atmosphere of antiquity. Kitchen, bedroom, hallway will decorate unusual patina shell chandeliers, sconces or decorative lamps desktop. Apart from these, you can use objects from iron or silver, but not necessarily less abundant and openly (in the form of the base of the coffee table, cutlery, small figurines.


Contrast textures

In the space of one room sometimes successfullyIt combines several kinds of metals, processed in different ways. You can combine the interior elements of smooth steel and iron grooved and perforated surface. Also, success is to use colored matte paint, iron lamps and panels in the work area of ​​the kitchen, combined with titanium, brass or steel objects.

traditional-kitchen (1)

colored metals

Here we are talking not only about the same timeapplication of different (iron, copper, brass, steel or silver) metals in the interior. You can use only one particular kind, but in different ways to present it.

So, not a bad thing to install furniture with blackiron structure (tea table, for example) in the center of the furniture, but if there is a fireplace in the living room portal, you can decorate it with wrought iron railing with a touch of rust or patina.


Interesting and very characteristic wall décoraround the fireplace or the screen to accommodate a home theater display can be implemented by means of lining rolled out sheets of copper, iron and brass. Try to repeat this experience, because we are sure nothing like your guests have not yet seen.

In order to adapt to objects of ironinterior, designed in particular, and not always, aggressive style, we recommend to use enamel paints. They do an excellent job with the task of improving certain characteristics of the metal make it more resistant to corrosion, decorated aesthetically.


Metal and imitation

It is noteworthy that often, in the interior ofpremises use only one type of metal as we combine it with the other dare not many. Therefore, sometimes it is more expedient to use a good imitation of the material than on their own risk to act rashly and combine multiple, completely combined with each other metals.

Gilding, silvering, greening, potal - a technique used by master furniture art, creating carved headboards, frames for mirrors and so on.

One of these techniques you can use to create the decorative effect of gold on a ceramic vase or decorate podstole carved wooden console.


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