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How to position the sockets and switches

The question of the right location in the electricconnectors, that is, sockets and switches, attention must be paid on time, at the stage of planning the placement of appliances. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the number of large and small appliances, according to which will be produced by the installation of sockets and switches.

There is a certain summary of the rules of wiring, which are guided by professionals, but you can take note, in order to become more aware prior to installation.

How to arrange the outlet

So, the first thing you can puzzle assembling outlets - the height of their location relative to floor level.

Indoors Kitchen outlet should be installed at a height of about 1 m. 30 cm, but sometimes this figure varies, depending on the size and placement of kitchen furniture.

Well, if the majority of all kitchen outletsIt will be located above the work surface, because it is convenient. But, nevertheless, we should not forget that the minimum distance from the outlet to the sink and the pipeline must be at least 50 cm.


In bathrooms and other rooms with high humidity, the outlet is not allowed to set lower than the level of 1 m above the floor.

In addition, it is forbidden their location nearbath, shower (or inside). If the socket is mounted next to the sink, you should choose a place higher to spray water from shining onto the connector.


In accommodation outlets, according to the rules set at a height of 20-30 cm above the floor.

But it is worth noting that such an arrangement is notappropriate in the house where small children live. If the socket is already installed, you should choose the design with a special shutter and lock to protect children from accidents.


How to arrange the switches

You probably know the time when the switches are inapartments have been taken on the adult shoulder or eye level, ie, at a height of 1 meter 70 cm. Today, a device for switching lighting set according to ergonomic convenience.

The switches are located at the doorway from the door handle at a distance of 10 cm.
Switch arrangement according to floor height is 80 - 90 cm, lowered down at the hands.
Bathrooms minimum distance from the switch to the doorway shower equal to 60-70 cm.
Switches mounted on the working surface in the kitchen, as well as the outlet, should not be located close to the sink or pipeline closer than 50 - 60 cm.


Personal comfort

These are general standard rules for placement of outlets and switches, but in your own apartment you can receive the personal needs of their installation.

For example, many reading before bedtime,therefore socket for a desk lamp is a must beside the bed. She, by the way, it is better to set the rules, at the height of 30 cm above the floor. Here, the circuit breaker is better to place a little less than 80 cm - ideally, near a power outlet.


Modern furniture configuration: kitchen, work or leisure - can surprise, largely due to the hidden features. Thus, as the built-in table top or underneath, retractable organizer with multiple sockets for portable equipment (battery chargers, electric -chaynika, laptop) and other modern devices, without which we can not imagine more of its existence.

It should be noted that such integrated socketIt must be isolated, especially when positioned on the working surface of furniture or kitchen island. And the installation process should be entrusted only to specialists, even at the stage of designing the cabinets housing.


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