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How can and how it is impossible to make out the interior with high ceilings

The impression of the room is created during its firstvisit, and largely depends on how we use space. Owners of apartments and houses with high ceilings - real lucky, because to create an atmosphere of space - a real pleasure. Presentable massive furniture and various appliances; large picture wallpaper and colorful carpet to emphasize obvious advantages of high ceilings, and proper lighting will set the right tone.

And yet, we should warn you: an incorrect approach to decorating can get the unwanted effect of "well" even when it is seemingly safe room. This idea and prompted the writing of this article, so you can make the most efficiently use every square meter.


As it is not necessary to make out the room with high ceilings

How to design the interior with high ceilingsIllustration above gives us a clear idea ofhow large an area it becomes a sad reflection of everyday life. But opportunities to diversify the design so great that it would be a shame not to use it.

We proceed to the study:

Error №1: thin ledge on the ceiling

If you do not live in the throne room, it is worthreconsider his beliefs in relation to the long curtains, because it emanates from the excessive pomp. Moreover, they are visually drawn more room.

Error №2: plinth in tone

Adherents of the stereotypes that the finaltouch the top of the walls should be white border, we say a resounding "no" when it comes to high living quarters. Since we are talking about the balance of the upper and lower part, you can safely conceive a plinth on the tone or two darker than the main tone of the walls.

Error №3: fine decor

In this case, no possibility to usework with "filling" - a truly great omission. Leave for small rooms pale frame and fragile figurines - all out of place in spacious rooms with high ceilings.

Error №4: Emphasis on the floor

In all there should be harmony, but paying attention to only the lower part of the room and forget about everything else, we will instantly destroy all the basic principles.


How to make a room with low ceilings

How to design the interior with high ceilings
Now you have the opportunity to look at the same situation from a different angle. In this illustration, we see a clear transformation of the same room.

Admission №1: Drop Curtain

We are talking about how dramatically changesperception of the interior, when improving one of the key parts. In this case, lowering the level of curtains only 10-20 cm, the question of balance of up and down.

Admission №2: Massive skirting, moldings

Classics at its best, successfully Beat the border near the ceiling in the form of a plaster ornament wide dropped by two palm down.

Admission №3: Sculpture light

Warmth and comfort bears successfully Beat light. Suspend stylish chandelier on the ceiling of your dreams, in tune with her exquisite sconces hang on the walls, and a position table lamps set on pedestals in armchairs and sofas. You will be able to create the right atmosphere without much difficulty.

Admission №4: Decor

Often, large walls in large roomsdisregard, limited to a few panels or single picture. And all you can do more interesting work for an hour or two to create compositions in this area. Hang large paintings in thick frames, following the laws of symmetry, "lay out" on the wall of geometric shape of the small photos.

Examples of decorative solutions for high ceilings

How to design the interior with high ceilings1
Detail 1. Illustration of how to use the light creates a visual sensation of volume space.

2. Composition fragment solution, with which the load is distributed both on the lower part of the space and the wall.

Fragment 3. Downward light visually reduces the height of the ceilings.

How to design the interior with high ceilings
Fragment 4. This decoration variant relaxes heavy furniture. Moldings on the walls often used in classical interiors, so lovers of this style will appeal the decision so unpretentious.

Fragment 5. The high ceilings are good for its ability to accommodate a large horizontal and vertical elements of the decor on the walls.

Fragment 6. The height of the walls allows the use of a variety of configurations of the paintings, mirrors, pictures and dear to your heart decoration items.

"" Remember the balance - one of the three design whales' "

Photo collection

We have prepared a small selection of original interiors with high ceilings. We invite you to decide for themselves what techniques are used in the examples successfully:
how to decorate the interior with high ceilings1
how to decorate the interior with high ceilings

how to decorate the interior with high ceilings
how to decorate the interior with high ceilings
how to decorate the interior with high ceilings
how to decorate the interior with high ceilings

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